Business Bootcamp: Finding Sense in Social Media

Vision Advertising COO Julia Becker Collins performing the Business Bootcamp Social Media webinar on the screen of a laptop on top of a deskSocial media levels the playing field for companies big and small. While having buying power certainly helps with ad campaigns, a smart approach to strategy and creativity is what truly helps a business shine. But the pressing questions that weigh on the minds of most small business owners and entrepreneurs are: On which platform(s) should I stake my claim, where can I find my consumer base, and how do I present my business on a social network? In the first Business Bootcamp webinar of 2021, our COO, Julia Becker Collins, addresses these questions and the steps to finding sense in social media.

What You’ll Discover About the Social Media Marketing Landscape

It’s no secret that social media marketing has helped small businesses earn visibility in otherwise saturated industries. Still, if you’re staring cross-eyed at all the platforms out there, it can be difficult to develop a strategy or gain a foothold in the community. In this webinar, Julia Becker Collins aims to focus your attention on the element of social media that will work for your specific industry by teaching you about:

  • Separating your personal and business social media accounts
  • Delineating between the different strategies required for each social media platform
  • Identifying the customer you want to sell to by creating your ideal client profile
  • Calculating which customers award you the best return on investment
  • Finding out where your consumer base resides and where they make buying decisions
  • Diversifying posts and using the appropriate language for each platform

Not only will you learn on which platforms your business belongs, but you’ll also learn how to humanize your company to build a relationship with your audience, how to plan and host a social media event, and how to manage your account using tools like Facebook Business Manager and Hootsuite.

Business Bootcamp: Making Social Media Work for You

Enjoy the video below or watch it on Facebook. We also have a growing catalog of informative webinars covering other topics on our Facebook page, or you can build upon your social networking expertise by watching Social Media 101 and 201. If you have any questions or opinions, leave a comment – we’re excited to hear from our audience!

Further Reading on Social Media Marketing

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Finding sense in social media is no simple task. As Julia puts it, “It’s not plug-and-play.” Not only must you know where to find your audience, but you must speak to them in a language they understand. Fortunately, Vision Advertising has resources to help you find success, both via the Success Series and courses provided by Vision University and with our agency’s services, including social media marketing, public relations, and business consultation. If you want to learn more about using social media to your advantage, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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