Don’t Take the Social Out of Your Social Media Strategy

Vision Advertising, Worcester, MAFacebook. Twitter. Instagram.  All were founded with the idea that the platform would be used as a way for individuals to connect with other individuals. At some point, businesses jumped on the bandwagon as well, and quickly learned that when it comes to selling your business on social media, you either sink or swim.

Have a Social Media Strategy

Post with purpose! Don’t post on social media just for the sake of posting. Come up with a social media plan, and stick to it! Have a strategy, know your market. Before you post, think, “Does this content relate to my business? Does it place my business in a good light? Will it help us reach our goals?” There is a lot of content out there on the web, and posting things just to be seen can cause you to be ignored.

Post Stuff People Want to See

Keep the social in social media. People turn to social platforms to connect with others about things they are interested in, so it is important to follow suite. The best kind of social media marketing occurs when users don’t know they are being marketed to. While you may be focused on spreading the news about a great new service you are offering, do not hesitate to mix up your posts with content that is completely unrelated to your new service, yet also relevant to your business. This can include candid photos of your staff, news about a fun community event your team attended, or even an interesting industry article. As long as every one of your posts doesn’t include a giant “BUY ME” sticker, you are probably on track!

Watch Your Mouth

Most businesses have a love-hate relationship when it comes to publicizing their services online. While it is a wonderful and effective way to get your name out to new markets, social media is often used as a sounding board for individuals who were unhappy with your service. Don’t let this stop you. While it can be tempting to want to “set the record straight” when replying to negative reviews or feedback, don’t. If you are replying to reviews, do so with a level and clear head. Either reach out and offer to make it right, or move on. No matter what you decide to do, it is very important that you take the moral high ground. Sure, comments and posts can be deleted or fade away, but the impression you make on behalf of your business will stick around forever.

Put Forth Your Best Face

One of the best parts of social media for business? Crafting your own identity! When it comes to your online presence, you are ultimately in control of the way people view your business, so use it to your advantage. Post only the good stuff, and leave it at that. Always keep your social media presence positive, post interesting content, and don’t forget to keep it social!

If you are interested in learning more about crafting a social media strategy for your business, be sure to read our blog! Either that, or give Vision Advertising a call at (508) 754-3645. Our team of experts will help you craft the perfect social media strategy for your business!

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