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Excellent Quote

“Each failure is another brick in the road to success.” – Laura Briere. Yep, me. Just said it when I was talking to an intern about sales, and it struck him (and then me) as deeply insightful so I thought I’d share. Way to go, ME!! lol Have a great day!  🙂

Marketing on the Cheap – Social Networking

I just answered a great question on LinkedIn about marketing on the cheap and I thought you might be interested (since soooo many people want to know the answer to that same question). Enjoy! The asker posed: “Marketing/Advertising at low costs? I have recently opened my real estate company in Dubai would like to know […]

Leadership is a Dance…

I’ve recently taken to salsa dancing (it’s awesome!). What I found the most interesting connection is how in salsa, the very first lesson is one of leadership, but often times in business and marketing, it can be one of the last – almost an afterthought. Consider this… In salsa, the man leads. Or at least […]