Public Relations (PR)

The idea of public relations can be very vague to many people. Public relations services are intended to help your business be the subject of conversation between the people in the media. People are less inclined to trust advertising as they are to trust community conversation. That what public relations services do.

How Public Relations Works

The core concepts behind effective public relations services center around effective and compelling stories. As your public relations specialist, our job is to help you to create, identify, and/or clarify what your story is, and get it in the hands of the people that want to take the story and run with it. Our friends in the media help us to help you get front and center.

Rear view of business woman at lectern lecturing at Conference. A Modern Approach to Public Relations

What does public relations mean, and where can you get placed? In years past, the answer was restricted to television, radio, and print. Nowadays, you can add the entire online world to that list, in a very large and meaningful way. Our approach to media relations is to take advantage of both. While we still employ traditional approaches to place your brand in traditional media, we place a lot of emphasis on new media. A large portion of buying decisions are made because of new media influence, every day (for example, 33% of dining decisions made by mothers are made because of blogs). There is a whole world of social media that can create exciting new opportunity for storytelling.

Let Us Help You

The public relations team at Vision Advertising is expertly positioned and experienced to help you to identify, refine, and create your best story, so that people will be excited to hear about your brand.

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