Branding Yourself on Social Media and Why It Matters

Branding Yourself on Social Media and Why It Matters

Social media is turning out to be one of the most effective tools for building a company’s brand message and presence. If you want to be at the top spot in your industry and stand out from the competition, you need to understand how to develop your own brand. Cement your reputation in your industry by using the four strategies discussed below.

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is about consistently using the right methods to engage with your target audience on social media platforms; basically, establishing an image or impression in the minds of your audience.

How to Build Your Brand

Social media is no longer optional. Building and grooming your social media presence has become an important way of presenting your brand and professional experience to the world. Below are the four key elements to effectively build your brand on social media.

1.     Authenticity

Authenticity is important. To be “authentic,” you can start by letting your personality show through so that you seem legitimate. Those that have embraced authenticity and transparency find consumers will do the marketing for them; like the brands Dove or Patagonia have done with their campaigns.

Humans are emotionally driven and require security of knowing there is a foundation of trust between them and the brands they associate with. For a while, brands have valued traits like clever and witty over authentic and trustworthy. However, brands need to first display the latter traits or consumers won’t care about the former traits. Falsity and deception are not attractive.

2.     Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to success. It’s essential that you remember to be consistent with everything you do on social media to clearly define your brand identity across your channels. It’s much better to be very active in a meaningful and authentic way on two or three social media channels than to be semi-active on all of them in a sporadic fashion. Find a tone for your brand or a certain look you want to portray and actively share it on your channels. Also, it’s important to keep posting to stay relevant. Once your presence dwindles away, so will your followers.

3.     Establish Expertise

You should be seeking to become each client’s expert advisor in your industry. The more intelligent and valuable information you provide to your audience, the easier it’ll be to build your brand by becoming a leader in your market.

With social media having a heavy impact on people’s everyday lives, it’s important to have a reference point for that expertise you want to showcase. An end goal of implementing your expertise will help to spread your brand’s message through word of mouth, online. For example, Facebook Groups share info on businesses and recommendations on services or products are made every day.

4.     Before Posting, Think Twice

Being authentic and showing the personality of your brand is important, as we have mentioned above. However, keep in mind you should always think twice before posting. The way you act at work with your employer is different than how you act at a party with your friends, right? Well, you can still be yourself in both settings, but you should recognize what different actions are appropriate. Before you post on your channels, think about how it will reflect on you and your company.

Learning how to properly brand your company from your social media channels is an important part of increasing your business’s marketing success. As a comprehensive marketing agency, we can provide our expert services in branding strategy and development, as well as social media management, when you don’t have the time or even when you don’t know where to begin. Ready to start building your own personal brand? Contact the experts at Vision Advertising.

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