The 22s: Determining Your Ideal Client Profile

A hand reaching down and picking up a blue figurine out of a lineup of red figurines meant to signify your ideal client profileHave you ever wondered what it would be like to win over your dream account or serve patrons who value your business? You’d feel a lot more comfortable knowing the next person that walks through your doors wants to buy from you, right? We in the marketing biz refer to that type of person as your ideal client. They’re essentially your white whale, but far more commonplace and far less dangerous. To help you reel in your dream customer, COO Julia Becker Collins hosted a special episode of the Healing Point Therapeutics’ series, The 22s, all about determining your ideal client profile.

What You’ll Learn About Your Ideal Client Profile

An ideal client profile is essentially a cheat sheet designed to attract your preferred customer. If we’re speaking in terms of sports, it’s like getting gameday footage of a matchup that hasn’t even played out yet. The quantitative and qualitative information gathered from your ideal client profile allows you to convert details about your audience into huge gains for your brand. In this webinar, our COO Julia Becker Collins imparts such tips as:

  • Visualizing your ideal client’s personality, demographics, goals, pain points, and more
  • Discovering the best returns on investment according to your current client pool
  • Creating targeted messaging that speaks your ideal client’s language
  • Determining where your ideal client makes their purchasing decisions
  • Realizing that the quality of your clients matters more than the quantity
  • Recognizing that a narrowed client focus won’t cause you to sell less

Julia discusses the key elements to outlining your ideal client profile and explains that the more detailed your ideal client avatar, the more focused and effective your marketing strategy will be.

How to Watch the Webinar

The 22s is a series hosted by Marisa Fanelli at Healing Point Therapeutics, where guests can listen to 22 minutes of guidance for just $22. Even though the live event has passed, you can purchase the video and watch it whenever and however many times you want. With your purchase, you also get complimentary notes about the session. To secure your own copy of “Determining Your Ideal Client Profile,” click the following link:

Purchase Determining Your Ideal Client Profile Webinar

Further Reading on Ideal Client Profiles and Focused Marketing

To find more information about visualizing your ideal client and creating a focused marketing strategy, check out our blogs. Here are a few posts you might find helpful:

Targeting a broad, undefined audience can be a huge resource drain and will not produce as effective results as determining your ideal client profile. The more you know about your client, the more focused and personalized your marketing can become. At Vision Advertising, we recognize the importance of having an ideal customer profile and its role in generating leads. We’ve used the information derived from our ideal client profiles to deliver expert social media marketing and brand management to our partners. If you want marketing that draws your dream customer, contact us today.

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