Do You Need a Better Website for Your Customers?

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A critical part of your business and marketing strategy is knowing who your customers are. But as your business grows and time passes, that customer base also grows. At some point, you’ll need to review and realign your business to better serve this moving target, including a better website for your customers as they change. In the enVisioning Success podcast episode, Evolving with Your Avatar: Restructuring and Creating Roles to Meet Changing Needs, co-hosts Laura and Julia dive into adjusting your hiring to ensure your staff is serving your customers’ needs. Shouldn’t your website do the same?

Selling and Marketing to Changing Customers

Let’s start with two questions: who do you sell to, and who do you want to sell to? They may not be the same, and the answer to either question may have changed over the years as your business grew and matured. In marketing, we identify your customers using Customer Avatars and Ideal Client Profiles to put a face to your customers and understand your highest ROI leads, respectively. This information helps marketing and sales teams get clear on who to reach and how to improve the sales cycle, but it can also reveal that your customer base isn’t what you expected and your ideal clients aren’t who you’re reaching.

Do You Need a New Website for New Customers?

Now that we’ve discussed changing customer bases and business goals, it’s time to talk about your current website. As the key part of your online presence, you need to review your website and answer these questions:

  • Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? At least 50% of your website traffic will be from a mobile device. Is your website optimized to be viewed on a phone?
  • Does Your Website Reflect Current Services? Have your services expanded or contracted since your website was built? You could be missing vital landing pages for ads and views.
  • Does Your Website Reflect Current Branding? From logos to language, does your current website represent your current business? It might be time to change it to reach customers.
  • Are You Optimized for Search Engines? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical in helping people find your business on Google. New metadata, website copy, and blogs might be needed.
  • Is Your Website Maintained Regularly? Is your website monitored and maintained? Just like machinery, your website needs regular tuning to work well. An underperforming website can even lower your ranking in Google Search results.

Want to dive deeper? Look at our blogs, The 7 Signs That You Need a New Website, and Is It a Marketing Problem or a Website Problem? 3 Ways to Tell.

About the enVisioning Success Podcast

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