Is Your Branding Too Professional? Putting People Into Your Marketing

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There’s a saying: “People buy from people, not from companies.” It’s a saying that goes some length to understanding not only the relationship between marketing and sales (and often said by salespeople who are good at their jobs), but also human nature. Your business—especially if it’s B2C—can improve its marketing and sales by letting customers get to know you. It’s one of the things talked about on the enVisioning Success podcast episode, Heart-to-Heart: Crafting Messages That Truly Connect with co-hosts Julia and Laura. Today we’re going to look at the issues of when branding is too professional and how you can better market your company’s people and culture.

The Pitfalls of a Too Corporate Brand

Okay, so when we say professional or corporate, what jumps to mind? Stock photo closeups of shaking hands, architectural photography of some skyscraper, maybe some smiling model in a customer service role. While these might make sense for a true corporation, your business’s benefit—from small to large—is its people. Below are some of the common issues such an approach causes.

A Website with No People, No Passion

As someone who goes through a lot of marketing analytics, I can tell you the “About Us” page is one of the top pages visited on business websites: people are curious about who is behind this business. Likewise, if the written content on your page similarly lacks any identification of culture, interests, or mission statements, interest decreases. People are more likely to click away.

An Online Presence with Nothing to Say

What is your voice online? How you speak and engage, especially on platforms like social media, is critical to gaining customers. People will seek out social media, review platforms, and listing websites they trust. You need to be there and using the right voice for your customers and the platform.

Sales and Marketing Without the Human Connection

All the email automation and call trees can’t replace having people on the other end. While funnels can start inbound and automatic, you’ll need to have people to respond in the end. Give options you and customers both want (emails, forms, and text) and communicate without the jargon.

Using Marketing to Show Your Company Culture

Okay, if any of this sounds like your brand, it’s not too late to reverse it. How your company is perceived online is a major part of marketing and can be turned around with some work.

  • Website: Figure out who the people on your website should be. Get photos of actual staff to replace stock and build out your About Page—either around executives, family, or key staff.
  • Content Marketing: Blogs, news articles, and pieces on third-party websites can show the character (and expertise) of your business, and it pairs great with social media.
  • Social Media: It’s time to find your voice online. Think about using the right platforms for more company culture posts and where humor and sincerity fit in.
  • Email Marketing: A company newsletter is not only a great form of retention marketing but also a great showcase for events for your company and staff, from growth to the annual party.

It’s also important to have these dovetail with sales and customer support: make sure you’ve got people who can respond to everything from incoming inquiries to negative reviews. Silence and automated replies will always be read in the worst light.

About the enVisioning Success Podcast

This article is based on topics discussed in enVisioning Success, our weekly podcast hosted by Vision CEO Laura DiBenedetto and COO Julia Becker Collins. In it, they discuss all things business and marketing, from lead generation to leadership. Find us on PodBean to download from your platform of choice, or subscribe to our mailing list to get new episodes and other news delivered directly to your inbox.

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