Can I Even Write a Blog About My Industry?

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The internet is built on words. In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) terms, it’s how we get people to see ourselves and our websites: through proving our worth through these searchable, indexable words. Blogs are an excellent resource for marketing on so many levels, from showing expertise you can share on social media to ranking higher on search pages. If the only question that’s holding you back is “Can I even write a blog about my industry?” then we’ve got good news for you.

Understanding the Marketing Goals of Blogging

First, let’s look at the goals of blogging. We’ll be tackling the most relevant to businesses as a way of increasing their sales – i.e., marketing (there are other reasons as well, such as being a great creative and recreational outlet). With that in mind, here are the marketing goals blogs can reach.

Increasing Website Traffic

As mentioned above, blogs are one of the biggest generators of organic (non-ad) website traffic. Not only does Google look favorably on long-form content, but the use of keywords allows you to tailor the kind of traffic that finds you. Learn more in our blog, How Blogs on Your Website Equal More Website Visits.

Showing Your Expertise

You provide a service in your industry that people want, and you want people to find you. What better way than by showing you’ve got the skills and capacity to help them? Showing expertise is all about answering their questions (like this blog does) and tackling problems they might have. Sometimes it’s showing that there’s a way forward to a niche issue your product is perfect for. Also, blogs announcing new products/services, improvements, awards, and news/events all show expertise and your activity.

CTAs & Generating Leads

So, once you get people to your blog, how do you convert that into a lead? Balancing the information in your blog with sales generation takes some work. While the body of your blog should provide information, sprinkled throughout the blog can be links to your relevant products and services (and other blogs) that keeps traffic on your website longer. At the end of the blog, a stronger pitch known as a Call To Action (CTA) should explicitly state how your company can help and provide links to your lead generators, such as forms.

The Short Answer: Yes, But Should You?

Now, with the above listed, you can see why it can be a good idea to start blogging. With all that said, there are also some compelling reasons not to, depending on your business’s online presence, your own personal time/skill, and even your industry. Some reasons you might not want to jump into blogging:

  • You have to commit time and energy into blogging. One blog isn’t enough: the best buildup takes regular blogging over months and years.
  • How good a writer are you? Blogs also require a bit of content (at least 300 words, ideally more), and you’ve got to be able to write clearly and without significant errors.
  • Do you have a website that can support blogs? If your business doesn’t have a website (a whole other issue) or an easy way of implementing blogs, you need to tackle that problem first.
  • Does your industry not benefit from website traffic? For businesses that require people to get into the door (like restaurants or brick-and-mortar only retail), you’ll see a lesser return.

Business Blog Tips and Essentials to Start

Ready to jump into blog writing? A few final tips and further reading to get you started:

  • Keywords: Do your keyword research before you start, so you know what people are searching for.
  • Titles and Headers: Learn how to best use titles and headers to better anchor your blogs for readers and search engines.
  • Get Images: Make sure to get free/paid stock photography or use your own photos. The last thing you want is copyright infringement.
  • Proofreading: Make sure to check over your blogs for grammar issues before posting – even better, get someone to do it for you.
  • Share on Social Media: Once you’re done and posted, share your blog on your business’s social media feeds. Not only are these great ways to bring in traffic, but they also create backlinks.

You can learn all about these ideas and more in these two blogs: 3 Tips to Take Your Business Blog to the Next Level and How to Write Blogs for a Living (and Other Content Too).

If you need further assistance to write a blog for your business, Vision Advertising can help. We can provide assistance to get your website ready for posting, coaching on how to write blogs, support with proofreading, formatting, and SEO, and even writing the blogs for you. And that’s only

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