When Should You Issue Press Releases?


When Should You Issue Press Releases?

This question is one that is asked repeatedly. From small businesses to large corporations, you will likely hear many different answers to the question of timing your press releases. Many experienced public relations pros will tell you Mondays and Tuesdays are the prime days, whereas PRNewswire recommends sending your press releases in the middle of the week. Wherever you search or whoever you ask, there seems to be no black and white answer to this question.

Thinking About Press Releases Differently

Every business, large or small, has a different goal, service, and audience that makes that business unique. With this in mind, there is simply no “best time” to send a press release but rather, businesses need to find out the best time for them. What do I mean by this? The best time to send a press release depends on your target, the type of news, and level of relevancy based on current events. This is why it is important to research and plan because each timing for a press release could be different based on various factors.

Tips for Issuing a Press Release

While there is no one-day-fits-all for press releases, there are some helpful strategies that will help make your press release stand out.

  • Make sure its news: It can be tempting to make your press release read more like a promotion then sharing actual news. Before you send it out, read it over and ask “does this sound like a news story?” It can be easy since we are biased towards our own business to forget about the news.
  • Use keywords: Keywords are important for any content that appears online and helps with SEO. Keywords help narrow down search results in a search engine making it easier for people to find your content. Search for keywords that are relevant to the news in your press release to maximize the reach of your content
  • Holidays and current events: Because timing does matter for press releases, it is beneficial to know what is happening around you. Unless it’s relevant to the holiday, try to stay clear of sending your press release a week before or after the holiday. Also knowing current events will help you better time your press release.

Purpose of a Press Release

I would suggest to you that many companies have been treating press releases as a way to produce more coverage, instead of treating them as a way to spark conversation. While the overall goal of a press release is to share relevant news that has taken place in your business, the best way to create buzz and reach is through the conversation the news produces. If you want people to care about your press release, you will want to care about conversation.

We at Vision Advertising hope you learned something new about timing press releases. If you need help growing your business, we do amazing work in public relations, social media, web development, SEO and so much more. We would love to keep the conversation going, so contact us today!

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