Marketing Your Business on Instagram Reels

A close up of a man's hand holding a phone with the Instagram Reels logo on the screen over a wooden table, atop of which sits a bowl of popcorn an earbuds.Short-form video has often had a youth appeal, from the lamented social media platform Vine to the popular yet controversial TikTok. But now a new challenger has entered the game: Instagram Reels. Although this addition to Instagram appears to be their response to the trendy lip-synch and dance-based videos, the benefits extend to some business as well. You may be excited to jump in and try out Reels, but is it right for your business? Read further to see what we have to say about marketing your business on Instagram Reels.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels rolled out to Instagram users in August 2020, lauded as a rival to TikTok’s overwhelming popularity. The feature has been introduced at a vital time, as the future of TikTok’s availability in the U.S. is rocky at best and most likely short-lived. To find out TikTik’s current standing, read the latest at CBS News.

Reels is built into Instagram’s interface and shares many of the same qualities as Instagram Stories, which is an older feature that allows users to temporarily share photos and videos on their profile. However, while Stories are generally viewed as a social feature, Reels are designed for entertainment purposes. With Reels, users create 15- to 30-second video clips which can be edited using a database of audio, special effects, and animations, and they can be made permanent and public.

Is My Audience on Instagram Reels?

If you’re serving a market of adolescents to Gen Xers, Instagram Reels is a great way to gain exposure for your brand. According to Sprout Social, 75% of 18- to 24-year-olds use Instagram, with a gradual slope toward 47% of 30- to 49-year-olds. With Reels, you’ll be certain to reach your intended audience on Instagram as, according to Quintly, videos on the social media platform are 49% more likely to trigger engagement than static images. One of your marketing goals is to maximize your reach, and with today’s consumers comprised of many binge-watchers, you’ll have a high chance of viewership.

What Content Should I Create for My Business?

You want to flaunt your brand identity. There are many unique, fun, and creative ways to market on Instagram Reels. We suggest steering clear of commercial videos, especially with users tending to be skeptical with ads. Some ways you can create Instagram content for your brand include:

  • Your Story: Most businesses have an interesting story to tell. Using the application’s unique editing tools, describe who you are, why you do what you do, and how you reached your level of success. This is a great way to depict a personable and relatable brand.
  • Behind the Scenes: Show your consumers the team that works on their favorite products. Record your staff discussing what’s for lunch or the color scheme for your newest product. Depicting your company’s culture shows your audience you’re more than just a product.
  • Education Resources: While you only have 15 seconds to teach a lesson, use your industry experience to weigh in on some hot topics. Summarize one of your business blogs, unveil an alternative way of using your product, or show a tutorial about how a product is made.
  • Product Reviews: Seek out user-generated content or testimonials and highlight their reviews in your video. If you offer a service, think about featuring and discussing a surprising statistic in one of your case studies.
  • Event Promotions: Research local or national events that work alongside your brand. Show what pranks you have in store for April Fools or how your business observes National Data Privacy Day.

Remember, the goal of these short-form videos is to develop a relationship with your consumers and establish a brand built of authenticity. The best way to achieve these goals is to provide media of value.

Similar to every strategy, marketing your business on Instagram Reels requires analyzing the metrics to determine if it’s the right fit for your brand. It’s a great platform to quickly showcase your expertise, personality, and services. If you’re questioning whether this feature is appropriate for your business, Vision Advertising has been working with social media marketing since its dawning. We’ll be able to develop a marketing strategy and coach you on how to boost your business’s presence on any platform. If you’re interested in seeing how we can best help you, contact us today.

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Catrina Gardner is a Communications Manager at Vision Advertising. With a background in social media marketing, photography, and graphic design, she brings her marketing savviness and design skills to her clients. Outside of the office, Catrina is on the Board of Directors for the Young Professional Women's Association of Worcester.

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