Reimagining Company Culture During and After COVID-19

An overhead shot of a person sitting cross-legged with a laptop on their laptop in a video conference. A coffee mug, notepad, box, and cellphone rest on the floor beside her.The pandemic has challenged the conventional definition of company culture. Since quarantine began, business owners have struggled to determine the new role of the office and bypass the hurdles of remote collaboration. Discovering this new work culture requires breaking down the changes that have occurred in the times of COVID-19. Companies have been reimagining the way they perform business, but what about reimagining company culture during and after COVID-19?

Redefine the Role of the Office

It was once established that offices were vital to enforcing productivity, encouraging collaboration, and harboring talent. In some industries, companies would even vie for prime real estate in busy metropolises. But COVID-19 quickly turned these notions on their heads, and it’s an unfortunate reality that we’re not going to return to the normal that once was.

Reimagining Company Communication

For some industries, transitioning work from in-office to remote was as simple as continuing team collaboration via digital mediums. However, some businesses rely on boardroom brainstorms and close mentorship to generate and execute creative ideas and revitalize their marketing plan. Nevertheless, despite the benefits of face-to-face communication – such as encouraging participation and nonverbal understanding – businesses are finding success using collaborative messaging platforms for staff to consistently provide ideas and feedback, to then be discussed during a weekly videoconference.

Understanding Productivity Outside the Office

Remote work has often brought about productivity concerns for business owners, but studies indicate there is little to fear. During COVID-19, statistics have shown that this work-from-home lifestyle has enhanced productivity in some cases. According to Airtasker, remote team members worked an average of 1.4 more days a month than those working onsite and had 10 fewer minutes of distractions. While the office does have some benefits, such as improved focus, remote work can also provide a new incentive to retain key personnel.

Utilizing Transparency is Key

Not only is utilizing transparency beneficial for your marketing – as discussed in our blog The Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing During a Crisis – but it’s also an important component to problem-solving and emotional support. This crisis has taken a toll on people, making it hard for some to even meet their basic needs. With remote work, it’s crucial to encourage transparency to help deal with unseen issues and emotional needs. Help your team care for themselves by asking about, listening, and understanding their problems both with work and in their personal lives.

Nurture Camaraderie During and After COVID-19

Perhaps the biggest concern is whether teammates will be able to establish rapport given the new working conditions. However, some factors have arisen from this unfortunate situation that can potentially strengthen the bond between coworkers:

  • Sharing Experiences: Typically, fighting a common enemy strengthens relationships. COVID-19 is a shared problem with which everyone can commiserate.
  • Witnessing Teammates in Their Comfort Zone: When we’re working from home, we get a glimpse of our coworkers in their “natural habitat.” Some members of the team may be more willing to voice their opinions when in the comfort and safety of their homes.
  • Mutually Solving Problems: Companies are pivoting during these times, resulting in team members coming up with creative solutions together and realizing each other’s strengths in the process.

In a way, social distancing has brought coworkers closer together. However, when businesses are safely permitted to reopen the office, a hybrid approach to office life – with some team members reporting to the office and others working remotely – could turn the once-bustling office into a calm atmosphere, allowing colleagues to develop closer relationships with one another.

While it’s difficult to truly determine what the future holds, it’s important to take steps now toward reimagining company culture during and after COVID-19. At Vision Advertising, we understand the stress this pandemic has placed on businesses and have been doing our part to ensure our clients don’t feel helpless and continue to market themselves. If you’re uncertain about the road ahead and are looking for help with your business strategy and coaching to get you through these tough times, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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