Social Media Platforms; Where Does Your Audience Live?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter—these are just a few of the many social media platforms available to business owners. Given these tools to help grow your online presence, how do you find which platform is best for your business? As a business owner using social media, one of your goals is to figure out where your most engaged audience lives. Here are a few tips to help you understand which social media platform is right for you.   social media platform logos

Studying the Market & Identifying Demographics

While this part of figuring out which social media platform to use is time-consuming, it’s worthwhile. By studying the market, you will be able to locate your ideal audience and advertise to the right consumers. There are certain patterns and trends that can be easily detected, such as age, gender, and location.

Gathering this information will help you market your brand to the correct audience, which will hopefully help with brand awareness and increase engagement on your posts. Why market to an audience that doesn’t relate to your product?

Watching and Listening for Consumer Behaviors

Figure out where your audience is engaging the most by asking yourself these three questions: What’s the platform that’s receiving the most comments? The most shares? The most questions? This information will help you narrow down where your brand belongs on social media. Engagement is more valuable than likes because those are the customers that will actually be shopping with you, eating with you, and asking for your services.

While it’s important to watch the results that you gain from each platform, it is equally important to listen to what your audience is saying. You may have assumptions of which social media platform your brand belongs on, but it is important to be open-minded if your audience highly responds to another one of your social media pages. Sometimes you must let the internet take your brand where it needs to go. Embracing where your audience lives is a part of the beauty of social media platforms, even if it isn’t where you predicted it would be.

At Vision Advertising, we work collaboratively with business owners to help them develop and understand which social media platforms are most valuable for accomplishing their brand’s needs. If you’re interested in working with us to enhance your brand’s online presence, contact one of our Marketing Specialists, who would be happy to help you learn more.

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About the author : Veronica Van Jura