Local and National Event Branding for Your Business

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The month of June is Pride Month, where you’ll see many companies switch out their logos and headers for rainbow versions and slogans such as “Love is Love.” This is an example of online branding businesses do for events, usually as part of a larger marketing program, to show support and celebration of the message and themes of these events. If you’re interested in any event branding, from Pride Month to Christmas, it’s important to understand the event, your company image, and the values of your customers. A lack of understanding and proper branding is what often mars these expressions and creates branding and reputation issues.

What Makes an Event Brandable?

First, it’s important to understand what event branding is. Events, in this case, refer to locally, nationally, or globally recognized occurrences – often holidays, remembrances, occurrences, and “days” or “months.” These run the gambit from the local level of cheering on the state’s sports team during their final game to global-recognized holidays like Christmas. Events are brandable on a case by case basis and vary depending on industry and culture, but typically need two things:

  • Significance: Is the event significant to both your business (including staff) and your customers?
  • Compatibility: Is the event compatible with your culture and reputation?

Researching Events That Work with Your Brand

Before you work on rebranding for an event, it’s important to do your research. Be proactive and work on your branding before the events, including reviewing it internally with staff to make sure it’s both on brand and won’t fall flat.

  • Celebrating a Holiday: Some of the most common branding is for nationally recognized holidays. How tight your focus (Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas) will depend on your targeting.
  • Showing Solidarity: Branding for Pride Month is about showing solidarity. However, if your sending mixed messages (like YouTube did this year), you can cause more harm than good.
  • Reinforcing Your Brand: There is almost certainly a “National Day” for your products and services out there. Check out resources like National Today to find and prep for yours.
  • Showing Local Support: Have a favorite national sports team? If you do (Go Pats!), think about showing your support during their season, especially if they make it to the finals.
  • Having Fun: Many businesses show humor and a little self-deprecation during April Fools, giving everyone a bit of a laugh.

What Branding Should Change During the Event

When it comes to the actual implementation of this temporary rebrand, the scope is entirely up to you. Generally, factors include where your audience lives and the impact you’re looking to receive. Some of the most common branding changes are below.

Your Company’s Social Media

Changing your logo and banner on social media is one of the most popular options for several reasons. Social media is where a company’s culture is most often shown (especially on more expressive platforms like Instagram or Facebook), your audience will have a strong presence on it, and changing out branding on these pages is relatively simple and straightforward. You can also talk more about the choice on social media platforms.

Your Company Website

Changing your branding on your own website is also a powerful tool. Changing your logo, including banners and website pages, explaining your changes will not only promote your connection to the event but also   drive and funnel traffic to your website. You can reinforce this with announcements and email marketing that funnels back to your website.

Physical Branding and Events

While more expensive and only impactful on a local level, you can also look at local branding. This can be anything from a notice or sign at your location to more extensive things from Christmas decorations to full-on promotions, sales, and parties surrounding the event.

Such branding should be an expression of company culture, celebrating and showing solidarity with those who hold the event dear. Well done event branding will bring positivity and more than a few smiles and will give users a reason to engage with your brand. If you’re looking to learn more about brand management, visit our global brand management page. If you’ve got any questions or want to know more about planning and executing event management for all occasions, contact Vision Advertising.

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