Webinar: Unlocking the Secrets of Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags on Instagram

For many businesses, Instagram is surpassing Facebook in becoming the place to find their customers or clients. But Instagram veterans and newcomers alike might be having trouble fully unlocking the power of social media marketing on this platform. When used properly, hashtags can be a game-changer, helping your company find target audiences and engage with them directly. In our last Business Bootcamp of 2022, our own social media expert guides you through the ins and outs of hashtags on Instagram and making them work for your business.

What You’ll Learn About Hashtags on Instagram

This workshop is perfect for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and enterprise-level companies reevaluating their marketing. To learn all about Instagram hashtags—including how you might be using them wrong—watch this social media marketing webinar in which Communications Manager Catrina Gardner walks through all the must-know basics of Instagram hashtags. Catrina also dives deeper into marketing industry secrets and the hidden impact they have on your social media content, including:

  • Why you need to use hashtags on Instagram
  • The different types of hashtags and their uses in your posts
  • How many hashtags you can (and should) use
  • Which hashtags will help get your post seen
  • How to create hashtag banks for future Instagram posts

Watch Our Business Bootcamps

You can watch this “Unlocking the Secrets of Hashtags on Instagram” Business Bootcamp below or directly on Facebook. We also have a growing catalog of informative webinars we’ve hosted covering other topics, including further discussions about social media and Instagram like How Do I Use Instagram Reels for Marketing?, Going from Zero to Hero on Instagram for Business, and a three-part series about Advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Additionally, the Vision Advertising team is already hard at work planning topics and scheduling dates for our 2023 Business Bootcamps. Have a topic you want to see covered that we haven’t gotten to before? Leave us a comment or send us an email—we’d love to hear from you about what areas you’re interested in!

Further Reading on Social Media and Instagram

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Social media platforms, trends, strategies, and rules are constantly changing. Here at Vision Advertising, it’s our job to keep up to speed on the latest in social media, and we can develop a marketing plan for clients that include graphics, videos, collateral, and more. From understanding social media marketing to deep marketing and business strategy, our team of experts can help. Interested? Contact us today.

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