How To Get Users to Watch Your Instagram Videos

A woman recording an Instagram video in front of a cellphone on a tripodVideo now reigns supreme on Instagram. Are you having trouble making the shift and keeping engagement? If you hope to generate engagement using Instagram videos, you need to know how to expertly execute the video process. Gaining traction with Instagram videos requires a lot more than chasing viral trends. Let’s review how you can get users to watch your Instagram videos.

How Can I Increase My Instagram Video Views?

There are over a billion active users on Instagram, making noticeability an impressive feat to attain. However, similar to how you optimize SEO to improve Google rankings, you can increase your video’s reach by integrating some key elements. Here are some Instagram hacks:

  • Add Captions: Instagram’s algorithm gathers information via captions. Its’s search function can index these captions and verify keyword usage. This helps your video show up in more searches.
  • Post Quality Content: Low effort content won’t gain traction. Edit your videos before uploading them to Instagram.
  • Crosslink Your Video: Create a link to your video on other social media platforms. Some of your followers may only be reached using certain apps and might otherwise miss out on your video.

Seeing as some additional steps differ between Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels and other similar videos that live permanently on your feed, let’s dive into each separately.

Earning Views on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is the most authentic way to share content on the platform. These short videos only live for 24 hours, but they can make a huge impact on your brand in that short time. Master Instagram Stories by:

  • Use Location and Hashtag Stickers: Instagram Stories can show up on the Instagram Explore page – which recommends content users may be interested in. Using relevant location or popular hashtags will recommend your video to users with similar interests in your area.
  • Utilize Instagram’s Engaging Features: Instagram allows you to use interactive stickers, such as polls and quizzes, which allow followers to participate in your content. The app sorts the stories of accounts you follow in the order of those you interact with most.
  • Post Consistently: Make sure you stay top of mind by posting regularly. Posting on a week-to-week business or more frequently gives you more opportunities to gather views.

Earning Views on Permanent Instagram Videos

Instagram Reels and videos on your feed can be accompanied by post descriptions, increasing the tools at your disposal to earn views. Some of the steps to get users to watch your Instagram videos include:

  • Utilize Multiple Hashtags: Add five to thirty relevant hashtags to your video’s description. These can represent anything, from your campaigns and brand to locations and events. Also, switch up your hashtags between posts to avoid being flagged as spam.
  • Tag a Location: Similar to Instagram Stories (which need a sticker to tag a location), permanent videos have a location tag feature. If your business is located in Boston and someone types the location into Instagram’s search bar, your content will appear among the results.
  • Schedule at Peak Times: Scheduling your videos to go live when the platform is most active prevents your video from becoming drowned out by competing posts. Getting a great first round of viewers will also result in Instagram boosting your video’s visibility.

You can also use a call to action in the video to gather engagement within the comments section.

Getting users to watch your Instagram videos can sometimes feel like a roll of the dice, but using these tips, you’ll begin to witness a change in your viewership. At Vision Advertising, not only can we create a marketing plan specially designed for your brand, but we can also run your social media for you, creating content that will grab the attention of your audience. If you need our help gathering brand recognition, contact us today.

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About the author : Catrina Gardner

Catrina Gardner is a Communications Manager at Vision Advertising. With a background in social media marketing, photography, and graphic design, she brings her marketing savviness and design skills to her clients. Outside of the office, Catrina is on the Board of Directors for the Young Professional Women's Association of Worcester.

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