Creator vs. Business Instagram Profiles: Which Do I Need for My Brand?

A smart phone resting on top of a white laptop with the Instagram login screen open.Like all things related to technology, Instagram is constantly evolving. Although being added to the platform in mid-2019 – what feels like a century ago – many users are still unfamiliar with creator accounts. While sharing some similarities with the business account, both types of profiles are geared toward different users. Depending on your goals and monetization strategy, one profile may suit your needs far more than the other. Let’s review the differences between these two accounts and uncover whether a creator or business Instagram profile is best for your brand.

What is a Business Instagram Profile?

A business Instagram account is specially designed to cater to brands. They are equipped with unique features – such as call-to-action buttons, cross-promotions services, customer service redirects, and reservation options. Other business account features include:

  • Advertisements: You need a business account to post advertisements on the platform. You can also promote Instagram posts as ads.
  • Analytics and Insights: Determine how your posts perform amongst different demographics with in-depth metrics.
  • Audience Customization: You can promote your content using audience targeting to ensure you’re reaching your ideal customer.

It also comes with various third-party tool integrations, but perhaps most useful is that you can incorporate Shoppable posts into your profile by syncing your online store with Instagram. This allows members with the business accounts to sell directly from their Instagram page.

What is a Creator Instagram Profile?

Unlike a business profile, Instagram creator profiles are geared more toward influencers and creators who don’t have an established business. This is a profile meant for individuals trying to build a fan community and earn brand partnerships. While it shares many qualities with a business profile – such as analytics, call-to-action buttons, and access to Creator Studio – some of the additional features of creator accounts include:

  • Follow Count: A creator profile informs you of the daily number of follows and unfollows. This feature allows you to see which type of posts perform well.
  • Full Music Library: As a creator, you will have access to Instagram’s full music library, whereas business accounts are only approved to use royalty-free music in Instagram Reels.

This profile is ideal for people trying to build a personal brand on social media. It allows individuals to partake in their community while getting a behind-the-scenes look at additional insights.

Which Profile is Best for My Brand?

Here comes everyone’s favorite answer: It depends. While the two types of accounts are nearly identical, your goals should determine which is right for you.

Who Should Have a Business Profile?

Business accounts are intended for entities looking to make money and sell, and Instagram provides an application programming interface (API) – software designed to allow different applications to talk to each other – to assist with selling via posts and pre-scheduling posts. The number one reason to have a business account is the ability to sell products and services directly from your page. Instagram Shoppable posts allow you to turn your profile into a digital storefront.

Who Should Have a Creator Profile?

Creator profiles are designed for people establishing a brand. This type of account is aimed at influencers and content creators more so than brick-and-mortar businesses. However, a creator profile can also be used by individuals selling digital products, coaches, bloggers, social media managers, and so forth. It’s the perfect profile for those who don’t intend or have yet to build a monetization strategy. Although, if you heavily rely on third-party app integrations, this account is not for you.

Deciding between a creator or business Instagram profile depends on what you aspire your brand to be. Whether you’re interested in developing a personal brand or a business brand, Vision Advertising is here to help. With our expert marketing planning and social media management, we can help you find your audience wherever they are. If you require a marketing partner who’s committed to your goals, contact us today.

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