CWE Webinar Series: Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Julia and Catrina of Vision Advertising on Laptops Hosting Webinar

Social media advertising can be a great way to highlight your business on that platform and direct excited customers (and potential customers) to your products or services. But between understanding terminology, setting targeting and ad budgets, and figuring out how to make great ads, social media advertising can be challenging for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  

Luckily, Vision Advertising’s Chief Operating Officer, Julia Becker Collins, and Communications Manager, Catrina Gardner, have partnered with the Center for Women & Enterprise (CWE) of Central MA to share their industry expertise with local business owners through a three-part webinar series centered around advertising on Facebook and Instagram.  

Part 1: The Basics of Facebook & Instagram for Business 

In the first part, Julia and Catrina cover the basics everyone needs to know before getting started with ads on Facebook and Instagram. They go over: 

  • When and why businesses should create social media ads 
  • What the Meta Business Suite is 
  • How to link Facebook and Instagram accounts 
  • How to set the right budget for advertising efforts and individual ads 
  • The similarities and differences between Facebook and Instagram markets and ROI 

Part 1 is available to view here (you’ll need to register for free with the CWE first). 

Part 2: Understanding What Goes into Facebook & Instagram Ads 

In the second webinar, Julia and Catrina dive a little deeper beyond the foundational elements of the platforms to discuss the details of what business owners will want an understanding of when they decide to begin advertising on Facebook and Instagram. They cover: 

  • How to use Meta Business Suite 
  • The different types of ads 
  • What does and doesn’t work in an ad 
  • How to determine the target audience 
  • Budgeting 
  • Where to advertise 
  • How to set up an ad account 

Part 2 is available to view here (you’ll need to register for free with the CWE first). 

Part 3: Putting it All Together to Create and Publish Ads 

In the third and final part of this series, the Vision team takes a hands-on approach, with Catrina walking webinar attendees step-by-step through how to create an ad and offering help along the way to troubleshoot problems. In this session, the Vision team demonstrates: 

  • How to boost a post 
  • How to create and publish an ad campaign 
  • How to troubleshoot any issues that arise 

Part 3 is available to view here (you’ll need to register for free with the CWE first).  

More About Facebook & Instagram on Our Blog 

We have more free resources available about all things Facebook and Instagram. You can find these and more on our blog! 

About the Center for Women & Enterprise 

For more than a year, we’ve been partnering with the Central Massachusetts’ Center for Women & Enterprise, a nationally known nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people start and grow their businesses. With their focus on providing access to the resources, tools, and support needed for women entrepreneurs and small business owners to flourish, our partnership perfectly fits our history of providing free in-person and online events for business strategy and marketing. Learn more about the CWE by visiting their website! 

Vision’s Business Bootcamps and Julia as a Speaker 

As previously mentioned, Vision Advertising has a history of providing marketing consultations and business strategy not just to our clients but also to the public at large. Aside from this blog and the CWE webinars, Julia Becker Collins and other Vision team members also host other public speaking events and live discussion opportunities, like our Business Bootcamps available on Facebook Live. These are all available online at the links above for free, and the other CWE webinars can be viewed on their site (after free registration). 

If you’re interested in having Julia as a speaker for your event, you can learn more about the topics she covers most, see her highlighted past events, and schedule a call to book her as a speaker on this page. If you’d like to learn more about the marketing, business, and coaching services Vision Advertising provides, contact us today. 

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About the author : Dominique Goyette-Connerty

Dominique Goyette-Connerty is a Marketing Specialist at Vision Advertising. With a background in journalism and marketing communications, she brings her strong writing skills, social media experience, and passion for public relations to the Vision team and clients. When the workday is done, you can find Dominique at the kickboxing studio, kayaking on the lake, reading, and cuddling with her two adorable kittens.

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