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Vision Advertising COO Julia Becker Collins

Last week, Julia Becker Collins was in the news as part of a panel of experts quoted by the Massachusetts Business Network (MBN) in their article “6 Experts Share Advice for Starting a Business.” These business tips for becoming an entrepreneur from Massachusetts business experts ran the gambit from attorneys talking about laying the legal groundwork and incorporating documentation to marketing professionals talking about what you’ll need to be noticed in the digital landscape.

Julia Becker Collins on the Resources Available to Entrepreneurs

In the article, our COO Julia Becker Collins talks about what resources all business owners have–money, time, and expertise–and how the ways in which you choose to spend them will directly impact your business’s success:

“Your business’ resources are finite, and they are also different from everyone else’s – even your competitors. It’s important not to fixate on any single one and understand that the resources you take for granted might be your most valuable ones. Your three primary marketing resources are: time, money, and expertise. You have a different amount of each of these available and the amounts shift over time.”

When you’re just launching your business, you may not have a large financial budget to outsource marketing, but maybe you have the time to study trends, attend free workshops, and manage marketing on your own,” Julia mentions. “Maybe someone on your team has some background with photography or social media and you can tap into expertise that way. As your business grows, so will your resources.”

You can read the full article here and find Julia’s section under “Be Aware of the Resources Available to You.” A big thanks to the Massachusetts Business Network for including us in their article.

Want to Learn More About Business Strategy, Marketing, and Resource Management?

This isn’t the first time Julia Becker Collins and other staff at Vision Advertising have talked about business strategy, startup, marketing, and resource management. Below, you’ll find other online articles and Vision Advertising blogs covering a wide range of subjects:

You can find more Worcester Business Journal articles here, as well as a selection of other articles, videos, and podcasts on Julia’s speaker page.

Whether you’re in the planning stages of your business and need business and marketing consulting, lifting off and in need of marketing and business strategy, or are well established and looking to finally outsource your marketing to the experts, Vision Advertising can help. From managing social media campaigns to designing marketing strategies, we’ve been helping businesses both big and small find their people online. Contact us today to learn more.

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