Marketing Consultation: The Importance of a Comprehensive Agency

Consultation between businesswoman and clients.There are two major parts of working with a marketing agency: planning and execution. Execution is action, the agency taking over work and producing products – everything from social media posting on “the Gram” to making a brand-new website. However, with the first step – planning – comes the option to show but not do. In short, a marketing agency can provide consulting on marketing affairs. A full-service marketing agency should be able to do all your marketing for you, shouldn’t consulting with a marketing agency have the same holistic approach?

A Holistic Approach to Marketing Consultation

While every marketing agency has its strengths and its specialists, from the viewpoint of a client they can shine the most when they can bring it together in a comprehensive way. It’s our belief here at Vision Advertising that a wider breadth of services benefits you even when consulting. We’ll look at the four major types of services we perform and consult on.


The goal of reaching more customers, from a better marketing plan to a better online presence on social media and search.

  • Marketing Plans
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO and Search Engine Marketing
  • CPC and Ad Advertising


Developing, rebuilding, and managing your brand (or multiple brands) both online and off.

  • Branding and Rebranding Development
  • Brand Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Public Relations


Developing the tools needed to run your business smoothly and more efficiently, from better apps and integrations to a better website to run them on.

  • Event and Outreach Planning
  • Vendor Management
  • Web Design and Development
  • Professional Photography


Empowering and training owners and staff to become their brands, from general business coaching to specialties like empowering women in business.

  • Business and Marketing Coaching
  • Empowerment and Mentoring
  • Women-Owned Businesses

Want to learn more about our services that translate into our range of services? Check out our Marketing Services page.

From High Level to Fine Details

For many, our consulting services can be the start to a larger marketing plan. Our time and advice allow business owners and operators to better understand their current marketing exposure, what options are available, and what they can do about it.

Our ability to look at your issues and provide suggestions on both the macro and the micro scale – for example, looking at retargeting your ideal client profiles to what social media platform is right for you. No two businesses are the same: we understand that.

From Big Budgets to Small Changes

We also understand that the size of businesses and their budgets are also not the same. We can help you figure out the kind of work you can do as a single-person business. Or we can help you figure out what part of your marketing can be outsourced on a corporate level.

When it comes to consultation, some of the best changes we can provide is how you see your company and yourself. I have thousands of hours working with the MetroWest Women’s Network, nonprofits, and at Vision Advertising working on consulting, coaching, mentoring, and empowerment for businesses of all sizes.

The Goal of a Large Range of Specialties

We believe that bringing in this holistic approach covering marketing, branding, operation, and leadership with the flexibility of scale on both consultations and businesses sizes make for better consulting. Better consulting leads to better results for our clients and better partnerships with us. If you’re interested in bringing this wide range of service to bear on your own business, we can help. Reach out to us today to start the process.

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About the author : Julia Becker Collins

Julia Becker Collins is the Chief Operating Officer here at Vision Advertising. If Vision Advertising was a wheel, Julia would be the hub on which everything turns. She leads all aspects of the company, from developing and implementing the marketing plans of clients to managing the operations of all of Vision’s staff. Under her leadership, this marketing agency continues to grow, bringing on new staff and clients. Julia runs Vision Advertising and is the primary point of contact for everything from new clients to her growing staff. When she’s not leading Vision Advertising’s marketing operations team, she can be found taking a bootcamp, yoga, or spin class, running in an obstacle race, trail running, hiking, doing just about anything outside and active, listening to one of the many podcasts in her queue, or spending time with family.

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