CWE Webinar: How Servant Leadership Saved My Company

Julia Becker Collins conducting a webinar for the Center for Women and Enterprise

Once you have employees, your business changes. Leadership isn’t defined by what you lead, but by how you lead. Who do you put first at your business? Yourself? Your team? Your customers? There are no right or wrong leadership styles, per se, but the workforce struggles of the last few years have revealed one style that seemingly works better when it comes to keeping companies together, retaining staff, and recruiting new employees. At least, in the case of Vision Advertising, we can say it’s been incredibly successful: servant leadership. 

Vision Advertising’s Chief Operating Officer, Julia Becker Collins, partners with the Center for Women & Enterprise of Central MA to host a free webinar sharing her leadership journey and style, as well as how it’s been effective for our marketing agency.  

Servant Leadership in Action 

In this webinar, Julia discusses how she’s kept her team together and employee morale high—even under the incredible strain of a global pandemic, medical emergencies, and other crises—by being a servant leader. She covers: 

  • Her leadership story, providing examples of difficult leadership moments she’s faced. 
  • The basics of servant leadership and the practical side of selfless leaders. 
  • Why the best leadership is taught and how to take an active role in your leadership style.
  • How leadership equals people management, and why employees leave their jobs.
  • Leadership during a crisis: how to plan for situations and prepare your team. 

The complete webinar recording is available for viewing here (you’ll need to register for free with the CWE first). 

More About Leadership on Our Blog 

We have even more free resources available about all things leadership available on our blog, including: 

About the Center for Women & Enterprise  

For more than a year, we’ve been partnering with the Center for Women & Enterprise of Central Massachusetts, a nationally known nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people start and grow their businesses. With their focus on providing access to the resources, tools, and support needed for women entrepreneurs and small business owners to flourish, our partnership perfectly fits our history of providing free in-person and online events for business strategy and marketing. Learn more about the CWE by visiting their website 

Vision’s Business Bootcamps and Julia as a Speaker  

As previously mentioned, Vision Advertising has a history of providing marketing consultations and business strategies not just to our clients, but also to the public at large. Aside from this blog and the CWE webinars, Julia Becker Collins and other Vision team members host more public speaking events and live discussion opportunities, like our Business Bootcamps available on Facebook Live. These are all available online for free, and the other CWE webinars can be viewed on their site (after free registration).  

If you’re interested in having Julia as a speaker for your event, you can learn more about the topics she covers most, see her highlighted past events, and schedule a call to book her as a speaker on this page. If you’d like to learn more about the marketing, business, and coaching services Vision Advertising provides, contact us today.  

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About the author : Dominique Goyette-Connerty

Dominique Goyette-Connerty is a Marketing Specialist at Vision Advertising. With a background in journalism and marketing communications, she brings her strong writing skills, social media experience, and passion for public relations to the Vision team and clients. When the workday is done, you can find Dominique at the kickboxing studio, kayaking on the lake, reading, and cuddling with her two adorable kittens.

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