Leadership, Employee Retention & Loyalty with Julia Becker Collins

Julia Becker Collins with Allen Ibrahim on Talking Marketing PodcastThe COVID-19 pandemic was a watershed moment for many businesses – and while we like to focus on pandemic restrictions or logistical shortages, one of the key issues was employee retention. Company leaders who couldn’t protect their workforce and transition to the new normal saw employee leave, never to return. Vision Advertising’s own COO Julia Becker Collins is a success story of the pandemic, with a 100% employee retention throughout the toughest times, and shared her story with the Talking Marketing podcast about what it took retain her skilled staff.

Video Interview with Talking Marketing

In the video below, Julia talks with AMA Boston Chapter’s Allen Ibrahim about her leadership during the pandemic, touching on both recruitment and retention for her marketing agency, as well as adapting company culture to a remote workforce. Watch to learn more about how those entering the workforce are interested in remote work, and how servant leadership is a management style all leaders should consider.


You can also catch this episode as a podcast! Find Talking Marketing on your favorite platform or use this link. Make sure to check out further reading below, including concepts and articles Julia mentions in the interview.

Further Reading on Leadership & Remote Work

Julia has written extensively on her experience with servant leadership, remote work, and even using podcasts as marketing. Here’s a selection of our favorite (find more on our blog):

Further Podcasts and Webinars with Julia

Julia is also a well-known public speaker, both on Vision’s Business Bootcamp series and regular webinar host for the Center for Women & Enterprise, as well as on podcasts across the internet.

Want to learn more about Julia as a speaker, including on your own podcast or for your organization? Check out her speaker page here. You can also learn more about her here. Vision Advertising is a full-service marketing agency specializing on digital marketing including social media, SEO, and websites. Reach out to us here to learn more about our services, and make sure to check out our blog for tips, tricks, and commentary on digital marketing trends.

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