Webinar: What Does It Take to Run a Remote Internship Program?

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Internship programs are a great way of giving back and helping the next generation of students get hands-on training. Just like with remote work, the pandemic transformed how internships can be handled, including changing or adding a remote internship program. However, these internships can be even trickier to handle, especially if you’re new to remote work. Communications Manager and Vision Advertising’s internship coordinator Catrina Gardner will walk you through what to expect in this webinar.

What You’ll Learn about Remote Internship Programs

This webinar is ideal for business owners and operators who are looking to expand into digital internships, either part of an all-virtual office, a hybrid internship with remote work days, or to provide the option for interns around the world to join the workforce. Catrina Gardner, who manages our internship program, has just led Vision through our first all-remote program. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Dispelling common misconceptions about internships – labor, money, and time.
  • How to find internship talent – apps, social media, and in-person events.
  • Setting expectations for interns during the interview process.
  • Preparing for an internship program – apps, training, and prep for your staff.
  • Setting up interns for success at your business with the right oversight and teachers.
  • Following up post-internship for connections, marketing, and PR.

Business Bootcamp: Running Your First Remote Internship Program

Enjoy the video below or watch it on Facebook. We also have a growing catalog of informative webinars covering other topics on our Facebook Page, including further discussions about business strategy like Investing in an Internship Program and Business and Marketing Strategy. If you have any questions or opinions, leave a comment – we love to hear from our audience!

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Internship programs and remote interns can work for your business – but only if you work at it. The same thing is true for your marketing. If you need help, from understanding social media marketing to deep marketing and business strategy, we can help. At Vision Advertising, it’s our job to keep up to speed on the latest in social media, and we can develop a marketing plan for clients that include graphics, videos, collateral, and more. Interested? Contact us today.

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