Business Bootcamp: Social Media Trends for 2023

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When it comes to social media platforms, who were the winners and losers of 2022 for marketing and advertising your business, and what does the future hold for social media marketing? Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to break ground on Instagram or a social media manager juggling multiple platforms, insight now can help you plan your marketing campaigns better for the new year. In our most recent Business Bootcamp event, in-house social media expert Catrina Gardner reviewed what did and didn’t work on social in 2022, and offered informed predictions of what social media trends you can expect in 2023. 

What You’ll Learn About 2023 Social Media Trends 

In this webinar designed for small business owners, budding entrepreneurs, and social media managers, Catrina breaks out her crystal ball to review what happened in 2022, what those trends mean for the future, and any up-and-comers to watch out for in the social media space. Throughout this Facebook Live event, she: 

  • Reviews the trends of 2022, including what did and didn’t work. 
  • Explores how the various social media platforms fared over the year. 
  • Looks forward to 2023 and how the social media landscape is changing. 
  • Shares what your social media content calendars should look like for the rest of the year.
  • Allows for Q&A to discuss social media blunders of 2022 and what to learn from them. 

Business Bootcamp: Social Media Trends for 2023 

Enjoy the video below or watch it on Facebook. We also have a growing catalog of informative webinars covering other topics on our website and Facebook Page, including further discussions about social media like Let’s Talk Social Media Trends and Making Social Media Work for You. If you have any questions or opinions, leave a comment—we love to hear from our audience!

Further Reading on Social Media Content and Platforms 

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The world of social media is constantly changing; It can be hard and time-consuming trying to keep up with the newest platforms and the latest social media trends. But, when you work with a full-service marketing agency like Vision Advertising, you can trust that the experts stay abreast on current trends and fads to protect and elevate your brand’s online presence. Need help with your social media in 2023? Contact us today. 

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