Vision Consults: Why Business Owners Need Better Time Management

An hourglass in front of a clock meant to signify better time managementNo matter how well-established your business may be, there’s always something to gain from an outside consultation – especially when it comes to time management. Performance and efficiency can always be improved with enough time, but the issue is finding that time. With the help of a business consultant, those goals that seemed out of reach are now within grasp. At Vision Advertising, we take time management seriously. Of all the resources available to you, time’s the only one that’s finite. In an effort to limit its wastage, let’s review some tips on achieving better time management.

Why Do You Need Better Time Management?

You can earn money and expertise, but time is nonrenewable. That’s why we’re as successful as we are; marketing takes a considerable amount of time – enough for business owners to outsource to a partner. Managing this finite resource is crucial to the success of your business, which is why we focus so much on it during our consultations. Better managing your time as a business leader will lead to:

  • Improved Performance: When there’s a schedule to follow, you spend less time figuring out what to work on. Time management helps you focus on the essentials and avoid distractions.
  • Higher-Quality Work: With deadlines clearly defined, you can prioritize tasks to ensure there’s enough time set aside for each of your goals. When not rushing to meet a fast-approaching deadline, your quality of work increases.
  • Efficiency: Instead of dedicating the twenty minutes you have before a meeting to a large project, focus on smaller tasks requiring less brainpower. You can achieve more with less time.
  • Work-Life Balance: Efficiently managing your responsibilities allows you to get your work done sooner so you can dedicate more time to what you love.

Another important aspect of time management is you can dedicate your efforts to projects that suit your strengths and desires – such as sales or accounting – instead of time sinks that aren’t your forte.

Methods to Achieving Better Time Management

As a business leader, your job isn’t to push yourself and your team to work more but rather to work smarter. We teach our clients the importance of prioritizing the efforts of their team and taking advantage of their available expertise. Here are some ways to optimize your time management:

  • Delegate Tasks: As the business leader, you can’t do it all. No one possesses the skills to do everything well. Delegate work that requires certain expertise to team members best suited for the job or outsource tasks to a partner.
  • Automate Tasks: There’s little benefit in spending energy on tasks that can be automated. Instead of manually sending emails to your subscriber list, use a marketing automation platform like MailChimp to trigger personalized emails.
  • Use Task Management Software: Use project management software to log workflow. Analyze the data to see where you may be wasting time. Is most of your time being used on critical efforts, or is it spent putting out fires?
  • Define Your Priorities: Target the hardest and least appealing task early in your day, so you can release yourself of that stress and move on to smaller tasks. It’s more effective to tackle the urgent tasks first and save the trivial work for later.

Efficient time management is achieved by arming yourself with the right tools and partnering with those most experienced for the task. Often, hiring the right consultant is all it takes to polish your time management skills.

Better time management grants you the opportunity to accomplish your priorities without sweating the small stuff. As a business owner, you should ensure you have enough time in the workday to complete your company’s essential tasks. At Vision Advertising, our consultants help you organize your efforts to achieve your personal, career, and business goals. If you find yourself hard-pressed for time each day, contact us today.

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