The 22s: Marketing Secrets – Free Ways to Optimize Your Business

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As a business owner, your two most valuable resources are time and money, so there’s a certain irony on how much of the former you can waste to spend none of the latter when looking for free apps and resources to help you run your business. To avoid the trial and error of dead-end apps, “free” money traps, and freemium programs that waste your time, our COO Julia Becker Collins hosted a special episode of the Healing Point Therapeutics’ series, The 22s, where she goes over the killer apps that don’t cost a cent to supercharge your business and marketing.

Free Apps and Resources for Project Management, Marketing, and Ops

Julia Becker Collins and her team at Vision Advertising have scoured the internet for resources that are not only free but optimized for real-world use by small business teams. Everything from apps to online courses, blogs, and social media accounts to follow. This webinar covers a spectrum of needs, including:

  • Project management software to keep staff, projects, and clients on-mission
  • Social media marketing apps, including scheduling and advertising
  • How you can do graphic design for business and marketing for free
  • Programs that can keep your remote team together and communicating
  • Professional development blogs, emails, and social media accounts
  • Additional resources to bring it all together

Julia will walk you through all of this with her years of experience handling operations and management for small companies of all sizes.

How to Watch the Webinar

The 22s is a series hosted by Marisa Fanelli at Healing Point Therapeutics, where guests can listen to 22 minutes of guidance for just $22. Even though the live event has passed, you can purchase the video and watch it whenever and however many times you want. With your purchase, you also get complimentary notes about the session. To secure your own copy of “Marketing Secrets: Free Ways to Optimize Your Business,” click the following link:

Purchase Marketing Secrets: Free Ways to Optimize Your Business

Further Reading on Business and Marketing Optimization

To find more information about optimizing your business through technology and education, check out our blogs. Here are a few posts you might find helpful:

Optimizing your business doesn’t need to be laborious or costly, and the small productivity, professionalism, and client retention boosts now can end up transforming how you do business and run your company. At Vision Advertising, we believe that providing education and tools to businesses is an important part of all marketing agencies, from online webinars to one-on-one marketing and business coaching. If you’re interested in learning more about the services we provide, contact us today.

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