The 22s: How to Sell When You Hate Selling

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People often associate selling with negative connotations. Being pushy, dishonest, and manipulative are just some of the words that come to mind for most people. However, although you may cringe at the thought of selling, you don’t have to sacrifice your values at the cost of a sale. Authenticity, enthusiasm, and an honest display of your expertise can be more influential than mirroring the actions of a double-dealing used car salesman. To help get you over this hurdle, COO Julia Becker Collins contributed to Healing Point Therapeutics’ series, The 22s, to reveal the secrets of how to sell when you hate selling.

What You’ll Learn About Selling

Many people have a stereotypical caricature that comes to mind when they think of selling: a loud, hyperactive, fast-talking guy in a checkered suit. But successful selling requires an ethical approach. Instead of asking, “How can I get this person to spend money?” ask, “How can I solve their problems?” In this webinar, our COO Julia Becker Collins will impart such tips as:

  • Exhibiting expertise in your field to reassure your client that you know what’s best
  • Formulating your sales pitch without making it feel disingenuous
  • Selling from a place of authenticity and honesty
  • Using sales as a filtering process to define your ideal client more accurately
  • Recognizing not everyone is a good fit for you as a client
  • Ditching the notion that you should give something away for free, thinking no one will pay

Julia also explains that you can’t be everything to everyone and that it’s inevitable that a sales pitch will fail from time to time. The key is not to let it get to you.

How to Watch the Webinar

The 22s is a series hosted by Marisa Fanelli at Healing Point Therapeutics where guests can listen to 22 minutes of guidance for just $22. Even though the live event has passed, you can purchase the video and watch it whenever and however many times you want. You even get complimentary notes about the session. To purchase your own copy of “How to Sell When You Hate Selling,” click the following link:

Purchase How to Sell When You Hate Selling Webinar

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Learning to sell when you hate selling can be a difficult hurdle, but this webinar equips you with the mindset and tools necessary to take the leap. Not only will selling with integrity increase your revenue, but it will also build your customer’s loyalty and trust in your business. At Vision Advertising, we have over two decades of experience securing sales leads for our clients with such services as our expert marketing planning or brand management. If you require the help of a trusted marketing agency well-versed in sales or wish to book Julia as a speaker, contact us today.

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