Motherhood & Entrepreneurship Webinar: Prioritizing Business as a Parent

Laura DiBenedetto, CEO of Vision Advertising, presenting a webinar on a laptop screen on top of a desk next to house plantsSociety is gradually distancing itself from the falsehood that a mother must choose between her family and her work. It’s undoubtedly difficult to raise children in such a climate while also juggling the complexities of a business, but overcoming these hardships is part of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Last week, we hosted Motherhood & Entrepreneurship on Facebook Live, a webinar where our CEO Laura DiBenedetto and parenting expert, author, and host of the podcast Stretch Marks Amber Trueblood discussed the difficulties of prioritizing business as a parent.

What You’ll Learn About Prioritizing Business as a Parent

This Facebook Live event was intended to help mothers of small businesses and entrepreneurs establish harmony between their work and life. In the video, you can expect an in-depth explanation of the mindset required to meet the challenges of being a parent and a businesswoman. Our CEO Laura DiBenedetto and author, speaker, and podcast host Amber Trueblood will teach you about:

  • Sharing the value and importance of your work with your family to obtain their support.
  • Practicing transparency and vulnerability instead of striving for perfection.
  • Earning the respect of others by demonstrating self-awareness.
  • Focusing on your strengths instead of devoting too much time to your weaknesses.
  • Minimizing the challenges to your business, relationships, and parenting.
  • Working towards a happier, calmer, and more fulfilling life as a mother and businesswoman.

As you’ll learn in this webinar, you must be able to communicate your desires and discard your emotional attachment to aspects of your business that don’t serve your needs. Your goal is to establish harmony between motherhood and to identify your triggers, practice self-care, and prioritize honesty throughout your life.

Vision Workshop: Motherhood & Entrepreneurship

To access the video, visit Vision University’s Success Series. If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s super easy to obtain your free subscription to our growing catalog of interview webinars – just click on the “Get My All Access Pass” button on the page. As always, we love hearing from our audience, so don’t hesitate to leave any questions on our Facebook page.

Further Reading on Work-Life Harmony and Business Transparency Resources

To find more information about managing your business by demonstrating vulnerability, self-care, and prioritization – especially concerning current times – read our blogs. Here are a few blogs you may find informative:

Amber Trueblood also has tons of helpful resources for mothers on her website, which will empower businesswomen to strive for greatness.

We hope this webinar helps you with navigating motherhood and prioritizing business as a parent. These are difficult times for those raising children while simultaneously leading efforts to promote a brand, but rest assured, Vision Advertising is here to help. To find out when we’ll be hosting our next webinar, visit Vision Advertising’s Workshop Series page. While we miss our in-office workshops, we’re glad to have the opportunity to interact with you online. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on our announcements or reach out to us to start a discussion about business strategies.

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