Standing Out in an Ever-Increasingly Competitive Marketplace

This article is dedicated to companies that are in overly saturated markets of any kind – the same principles apply to products and services alike. Business owners often find themselves struggling with how they are different, and many eventually conclude (rightly), that there is NO difference. From there, the typical responses are either/or getting discouraged, […]

Consistency of Brand

In this month’s article, we cover segmentation. When you want to segment your marketing, you might be tempted to have a bunch of different looks/feels carried out throughout your separate campaigns (one for each), and that is not a bad idea… but you need to have a common thread throughout everything that ties it to […]

Segmentation – What It Is and Why You Should Do It

Ask yourself these 4 questions: Do you have a business that is so complex that you can’t seem to summarize it when you’re talking to someone? Is your business so multifaceted that you can’t seem to provide any less than an advanced dissertation when someone asks you what your company does? Are you trying to […]

Marketing Planning…When and Who

The holidays are upon us, and pretty soon we’ll be watching the ball drop in Times Square. Do you know where your marketing will lead you in the New Year? Or have you even thought that far ahead? If you have thought ahead and planned for 2006’s marketing activities, you are on the right track. […]


Illustrative example: David invests $10K in Q1 into marketing, makes $10K back in Q2, and an additional $20K in Q3 & Q4. Total profit from marketing investment = $20K. Initial investment = $10K. Time to reap return = 6 months. So, with that example how on earth can you go wrong? What if David didn’t […]