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Navigating through a college career is both challenging and exciting. Taking a variety of classes in your field of interest can help you determine whether the path you’re on is the right one. Many colleges also offer or require students to complete an internship during their years at school. Internships are valuable in SO many ways, including acting as a stepping stone into the real world and providing unique opportunities that aren’t available through traditional classroom learning. I’d like to share my personal internship experience at Vision Advertising and how I’ve flourished as an individual and a key member of a professional team.

Finding the Right Fit for Your Internship

An internship experience should be the right fit for you. It’s important to do your research, make connections with members on the team, and be open to learning new things. Internships make you highly competitive when applying for jobs, so it’s usually worth putting all your effort into the process. Here’s how I found my position at Vision and what the role entailed.

My Internship Experience at Vision Advertising

When I first began my college journey, I knew marketing was the right fit for me. It’s something I’ve been passionate about for years, and through all my communications classes at Fitchburg State University, I was able to combine my analytical skills, writing background, and creative eye to excel. As I neared the spring semester of my senior year, I began searching for internships that could further my abilities, and that’s when I found Vision Advertising. With the help of a fellow Falcon and Vision’s Marketing Specialist, Dominique Goyette Connerty, I applied and was offered an intern position!

I was given so many unique experiences working on a variety of projects such as PR, email marketing, social media content creation, blog writing, and so much more. Thanks to the guidance and support of my colleagues and mentors, I’ve been challenged in ways that have significantly benefitted my personal and professional life. I feel confident about stepping foot into the real world, showcasing the skills that I have acquired, and advancing my career.

Curating Professional Networks During Your Internship Experience

Working as an intern at Vision also helped expand my professional networking abilities, as I was able to attend a handful of in-person events with members of the team, including:

  • The Small Business Expo in Boston
  • A number of workshops through the Center for Women and Enterprise (CWE) and led by Vision’s COO, Julia Becker Collins
  • Photo and video shoots with Catrina Gardner, Vision’s Internship Director and Communications Manager

Through each of these events, I was able to fully immerse myself in the world of marketing. Both online and in-person networking opportunities are very beneficial during an internship, as they can help you establish future references, introduce you to potential job offers, and provide insight into the career field you’re looking to grow into.

More Info About Vision Advertising’s Internship Program

Here at Vision Advertising, the internship program is developed and crafted with each student’s goals and preferences in mind, making the internship experience beneficial and unique to you. Vision’s internships are offered year-round, with interns typically working 18 to 24 hours per week. The internships are unpaid but offer maximum flexibility to integrate with the student’s life as well as the opportunity for college credits if applicable.

From personal experience, I can say that the Vision team offers interns their support, guidance, expertise, and advice, while also equipping them with skills and tools they can use for life. If you or anyone you know is interested in an internship with Vision, apply online or reach out today! Applications are currently being accepted for the fall 2023 semester!

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About the author : Alex Geyer

Alex wears many hats, and not just because he’s bald. A writer by background, Alex writes “content” for Vision – anything from social media statuses to blogs to website copy and beyond. In addition, as Senior Brand Strategist, he builds and maintains all search engine advertising for Vision, manages multiple client projects, and herds many meetings. In his free time, he starts and stops writing novels, reads a copious amount of fiction, plays video games, and an enthusiastic chef at home. He’s trying to become a better plant daddy.

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