Why Interning at a Smaller Company is the Right Move

Why Working at a Smaller Company is the Right MoveThis post was written by Erica Ferretti, an intern and employee at Vision Advertising.

When interning at a smaller company I had real responsibilities, I learned about the ins-and-outs to keep a company moving forward, flexed different creative muscles and built great future career contacts. That’s everything you want out of an internship to help you become a rockstar in the professional world.

Vision Advertising is a smaller company with big clients in a work hard/play hard environment. If you’re chosen to intern at Vision, you get to work with such prestigious, fun, and cool individuals like us (a little self-flattery never hurt anyone).

Real Work

Vision Advertising wants you to be immersed in the incredible work that they do because they value their interns. In a smaller company, every team member is critical (no coffee runs here). You will be working on projects that directly impact their clients by writing branded content or understanding SEO.

Once you are completed with the internship, you will be able to show ownership of all the important projects that you worked on. This will help you with:

  1. Landing a job post-graduation
  2. Helping with a new career path.
  3. Instilling confidence within yourself to take on new projects and be killin’ it.

Understanding How Companies Work

internship-cat-application-250By working at a smaller company, you will be exposed to the nature of business. You will be involved in collaborative team meetings and projects with management because being part of a smaller team means you’ll naturally be around every part of the company—everyone stays in the loop.

The classroom simply cannot teach you what real-life experience can (especially those boring 2-hour lectures *Zzz*). Vision values your opinions, ideas, and your voice will not be lost in the crowd.

Trying Different Paths of Work

One of my favorite parts of interning at a smaller company was having the opportunity to work on all different kinds of projects. I had the opportunity to branch out and work with everyone on their tasks.

With this cross-team exposure, it helps you identify other areas you may want to explore. You may be writing blogs one day, shadowing photo shoots at a client meeting, or assisting with public relations the next.

Building Connections

Working with less than 10 employees, managers will turn into great resources; coworkers will turn into great friends and business contacts. By building a strong network of working professionals, this can lead to great references that will help you reap rewards later.

Interning at Vision was one of the greatest experiences I have had. It was not the typical corporate, power-suit experience where you feel like a mindless robot. You play a significant role in this company that values creativity and individuality. If you can show your motivation and talent, you’ll turn into an exceptional young professional. If you’re interested in learning more, drop us an application. We accept internships year-round to all students and post-grads.

Two Cents From an Outstanding Intern:

“During my time as an intern with Vision Advertising, I was able to gain invaluable hands-on experience in digital marketing. Whether it was developing creative and engaging social media content, doing real work for our clients, or writing blogs, each day was a phenomenal learning opportunity. It was also a way to build on the skills that I already learned. From top to bottom, each member of their incredibly supportive team made me feel welcome and comfortable from the day I started until the day my internship lamentably came to an end. Looking back, my internship with Vision Advertising was an incredible experience that provided me with both skills, and business connections, that I can take with me throughout the rest of my career.”

Andrew Pelc, Graduate of Nichols College

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