Skewed picture of an internet browser's address line.

The Insane Case AGAINST Having a Web Site

Considering one of the top services of Vision Advertising is web site design and development, you’d think I’d universally promote and endorse everyone having a web site, right?   Seems logical… except that it isn’t a clear cut answer for everyone. Over the last few days, I’ve been conversing with a referral from California about a […]
Diagram of the squeeze paper process.

Do Squeeze Pages Really Work?

A squeeze page is a web page — which has the sole purpose of capturing a new lead and filling your pipeline — that offers something for free (or discounted) in exchange for information from your new lead.  The general approach includes a collection of at least a first name and email address, but some squeeze pages gather much more […]
Twitter bird writing in a folder.

Twitter Marketing Success for CEO’s

Twitter is a highly celebrated, but largely misunderstood tool.  I’ve been on it for a few years myself, and have certainly experience the ups/downs of using the site. It looks SO simple, doesn’t it? The tool is indeed simple (very), but the proper leverage thereof is not easy at all.  Nor is any successful brand […]
Mobile version of Facebook Places.

Facebook Places vs. Foursquare, Which to Choose

Okay, so your business has its own website, Facebook, and maybe Twitter. You’re all set… or are you?  Well, not quite. There is one new trend that is quickly rising within the social media field and it is what’s known as a “location-based service.” What is that exactly? Well, location-based services are applications for your […]