Are You Handling 2020 Holiday Marketing and Sales Differently?

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As another wave of restrictions and lockdowns take effect throughout the US, some businesses’ (and customers’) dreams of a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or a Happy Kwanzaa are freezing over. Other companies, who are playing the long game against COVID and the recession, are finding themselves in a better position as the holidays enter full swing. Let’s take a look at how businesses are pivoting plans and taking 2020 holiday marketing and sales in a new direction.

Digital Sales and Marketing are Making the Difference

2020 has placed a lot of hurdles in front of businesses and institutions, but by necessity, it’s also opened up a lot of new options. Not just in terms of technology, with video conferencing, telepresence, and delivery apps, but also with businesses and consumers being more open to digital and online-only options, from webinars replacing conferences to online orders and delivery. Digital marketing too has benefited, as the bitter concept of leaving one’s home and handling physical mail and magazine ads has driven more people online and away from traditional marketing.

Where Does Your Business Stand with…

  • Website Functionality? Having a clean looking website with good SEO isn’t enough. You’ll need an SSL certificate for online orders and pages that talk about online orders, house your webinars, COVID response, and more.
  • Social Media Presence? Social media has cemented itself in 2020 as the way for you to reach potential customers and engage with them online and has been especially critical to local brick-and-mortar to stay connected to their fanbase.
  • Google Search and SEO? When you search for your business online, can you find it? It’s important you’re not only filling out meta titles and descriptions on your website but also filling out Business Listings and more.
  • Third-Party Apps? From online ordering and delivery to quick video conferencing, it’s important these are integrated both online (such as your website and Google listing) and in your workforce, especially if they work remotely.

Two Tips for Bringing the Holidays Online

With Black Friday just around the corner to bring us into the winter holiday gift sales and end-of-Q4 pushes, it’s not too late to make real, meaningful pushes for your holiday marketing and sales. Below are a couple of marketing tools we recommend and implement for clients that are easy to set up and get going.

Start an Email Marketing Newsletter

If you’re already collecting emails from customers, it’s time to put them to use. Email marketing can be a great platform not only for customer retention but also for bringing in new clients. It’s not too late to work up a Black Friday discount or a holiday newsletter wishing everyone the best to reconnect. Some further reading:

Go to Your Customers with Facebook and Google Ads

If you can set an ad budget aside, these two platforms will give you the most bang for your buck in terms of engagement and website traffic. Which to pick? It depends on what and how you sell. If your customer base is driven by their interests and passions, from restaurants to retail, Facebook is a solid choice. If instead people search for your services or you help solve problems (especially one-time projects), Google Ads will serve you better. Read up a bit on both below:

Regardless of your choices, we at Vision Advertising wish you Happy Holidays! If you need further help, please reach out and contact us! We’ve been helping current and new clients pivot their businesses to keep them thriving and safe, implementing digital marketing, helping set up contactless programs, get them onto digital storefronts.

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