Pivoting Plans in COVID-19 Webinar: Learning to Adapt

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COVID-19 blanketed the country at blinding speed, leaving many businesses paralyzed by the ensuing dissonance and economic collapse. Some companies quickly shifted gears to adjust to the changes, while some are still struggling to make ends meet. Last week, we hosted Pivoting Plans in COVID-19 on Facebook Live, a webinar where our CEO Laura DiBenedetto and business strategy coach and founder of Create Honesty Michelle Mercier discussed pivoting strategies and the trials of coping with drastic change. If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording below.

What the Webinar Will Teach You About Pivot Plans

This Facebook Live event was intended to help businesses and entrepreneurs develop pivoting strategies to cope with the current crises. In the video, you can expect an in-depth explanation of what it takes mentally and emotionally to adapt to uncertainty. Our own CEO Laura DiBenedetto and Create Honesty founder Michelle Mercier will teach you about:

  • The importance of transparency and showing vulnerability during a crisis.
  • Focusing on the parts of your business you can control, such as customer appreciation.
  • Suppressing fear-based decisions and compartmentalizing your emotions.
  • Developing an authentic brand, participating in solutions, and mindfully pivoting.
  • Acting in a way that will weigh favorably upon your company in the future.
  • Visualizing your ideal client profile and working on ways to meet their expectations.

As you’ll learn in this webinar, much of your pivoting strategy first relies on you leading with humility and empathy. Your goal is to portray a brand that cares, not that’s trying to take advantage of a bad situation.

Vision Workshop: Pivoting Plans in COVID-19

Enjoy the video below or watch it on YouTube. We love hearing from our audience, don’t hesitate to leave any questions in the comments, or head on over to our Facebook page for related inquiries.

Further Reading on Business Management & COVID-19 Resources

To find more information about managing your business during the ongoing crises or where you can turn to for aid, check out our blogs. Here are a few blogs you may find informative, particularly regarding COVID-19:

Michelle Mercier also has an Entrepreneur & Small Business Resources Hub over at Create Honesty that is an invaluable tool for struggling businesses.

We hope this webinar helps guide your business toward effect pivoting plans during these trying times. For news on Massachusetts’ reopening process, be sure to check out our COVID-19 Weekly Roundup series. To find out when we’ll be hosting our next webinar, visit Vision Advertising’s Workshop Series page. While we miss our in-office workshops, we’re privileged to be able to interact with you online. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on our announcements and COVID-19 resources or reach out to us to start a discussion about pivot strategies.

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