November COVID-19 Rundown: Addressing the Tightening Restrictions

A rustic wooden table topped with an assortment of Thanksgiving Day vegetables such as squash and pumpkins next to a sign that reads, "Stay Safe."Although it may not look like it from our current perspectives, we have reasons to give thanks this Thanksgiving. As Massachusetts residents, we continue to have infection rates that are lower than most of the country. Also, we can appreciate how our community has come together to support local businesses this year. Nevertheless, cases are on the rise – rounding out to around two thousand new cases a week – leading to COVID-19 regulations being ramped up once again, affecting the livelihoods of both businesses and individuals. To do our part, we’re here to address these tightening COVID-19 restrictions and what they mean for you, your business, and the community.

Business Curfews Imposed by Governor Baker

While Governor Baker is trying hard not to shut down the economy, he has to act to some extent. Like the early days of COVID, bars and other late-night venues became hotspots, and like a horror movie sequel, the same threat has re-emerged in the way of new restrictions. As such, a curfew has been imposed on restaurants and liquor stores, requiring them to halt liquor sales after 9:30 PM. Additionally, restaurants cannot seat tables after 9:30 PM, and other businesses – such as indoor recreational facilities, sporting venues and events, and marijuana sales operations – are called to close down for the day at that same time. Fortunately, restaurant takeout and delivery will still be permitted after hours.

Revised Gathering Guidelines for Businesses

For those who love working from home with all their pets, good news! Massachusetts is requesting businesses capable of working remotely to continue to do so. We recognize the impact this can potentially have on your team’s morale, as the state, to some extent, is transitioning back into a state of lockdown. Be sure to encourage self-care for your staff, as these are emotionally draining times for us all. Your company’s culture is as important as ever.

Additionally, a 10-person limit has been placed on indoor private gatherings and a 25-person limit for outdoor. This means, for restaurants, no parties greater than ten can be sat at the same table, regardless of their distance from other patrons. On the bright side, capacity limits remain unchanged since last month’s revision. You can find all the details about these restrictions under the Safety Standards and Checklist for Restaurants.

Orders to Cover Up (Your Mouth) and Stay Indoors

As of Friday, November 6, 2020, all residents of Massachusetts are advised to stay at home between the hours of 10 PM and 5 AM and wear masks in public even when distanced 6 feet away from other people. Since hospitalizations for COVID-19 have more than doubled in the past two months, the governor has issued these steps to follow:

  • Only Leave Your Home if Essential: Residents are advised to only leave their homes if they’re commuting to and from work or school or when picking up food, groceries, or prescriptions. If one must go out, a mask must be worn at all times in addition to proper social distancing.
  • Avoid Social Gatherings: Residents are advised to not host gatherings in their homes with those outside their households.
  • Use Remote Communication Methods: Use phone or video chat to converse with friends and family. If this pandemic has been good for one thing, it’s providing us with tons of new ways to interact digitally, from online game nights to video-conferencing happy hours.

For those planning on a full house for Thanksgiving, it’s best to consider online options as an alternative way to gather, as it’s important to remain in compliance with the governor’s stay-at-home orders. However, though these restrictions will certainly affect individuals, businesses can also expect a decrease in onsite patrons. Sadly, this is not the only new hurdle businesses will be facing this month.

While addressing these tightening COVID-19 restrictions is a thorn in the side of businesses and socialites, there are alternative solutions to every situation. Community outreach has proven to be an incredible source of PR, and businesses have found creative ways to pivot their strategies. Even we here at Vision Advertising have pivoted by launching our newest learning platform, Vision University. If you’re looking to take advantage of our services and how we’ve managed our client’s marketing strategies and provided guidance during these hectic times, contact us today.

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