Showing Expertise Through Writing Blogs for Your Business

Want the short sell? Writing blogs for your business is great marketing by building a library of expertise in your field. In the enVisioning Success podcast episode, Trust Builder: Using Your Messages to Become the Go-To Expert, co-hosts Julia and Laura talk about how showing this expertise builds the trust needed by customers to buy your products and services. Blogs perform not only this duty but also supercharge your website’s SEO and provide valuable content for social media campaigns.

How Blogs Show Expertise for a Business

Blogs, when done well, are a great marketing resource both on their own and in conjunction with other marketing. Blogs are built primarily around answering questions—the types of questions that your clients might ask by searching on Google or other places where your marketing exists. It gives you a place to show expertise by answering in detail—something that’s hard to do on a service page—and then wrapping up the content with powerful calls to action that get people into your sales funnels.

Utilizing Blogs as Part of a Marketing Strategy

Like with most forms of marketing, blogs are at their strongest when part of a larger marketing strategy. Not only does this get more eyes on the blog and the sales funnels included, but it also provides valuable content for other avenues of marketing—a few of the most common ones below:

  • Target Keywords with Blogs: Blogs nicely sidestep the issues of website menu bloat by giving you a place to target additional keywords as part of search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Break Into Social Media: Photographs on social media will only take you so far, especially if you’re not in a showy industry. Blogs and social media can form a marketing sandwich to get views and clicks.
  • Content for Email Marketing: Whether for client retention or email automation, links to blogs can provide that extra content that brings in vital clicks in email marketing campaigns.
  • Articles for Other Websites: Your blogs don’t have to just live on your website. Third parties — including industry blogs, as well as digital news sites and magazines—are always looking for authors and guest articles.

About the enVisioning Success Podcast

This article is based on topics discussed in enVisioning Success, our weekly podcast hosted by Vision CEO Laura DiBenedetto and COO Julia Becker Collins. In it, they discuss all things business and marketing, from lead generation to leadership. Find us on PodBean to download from your platform of choice, or subscribe to our mailing list to get new episodes and other news delivered directly to your inbox.

Blogs can be part of a strategic marketing campaign, but you’ll need a marketing agency that’s comprehensive; one that you can outsource your blogs to, as well as social media, website design, email marketing, and public relations. Vision Advertising is just such a company. We’ve written hundreds of blogs for clients, ranging from residential insurance to the defense industry, and used them in coordinated marketing campaigns. Contact us today and get started with a consultation to see what makes sense for your business.

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