Modernizing Your Brand: It’s More Than Visuals

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When it comes to modernizing your brand, it can be easy to just focus on a new logo, color palette, and all the glitz of a new website. But that’s only a part. In our podcast episode, Modernizing Brand Identity Balancing Past and Future, co-hosts Julia and Laura go over many parts of your brand identity, from logo to messaging, to create a comprehensive overhaul of your brand. In this companion blog, we will dive deeper into places to revisit during a brand modernization: modernizing your online services, reevaluating your online presence and reputation, and breaking new ground on social media and email marketing.

Building Out Your Online Services

When modernizing your brand, it’s a good time to modernize your functionality online as well. For a long-established business, it can be easy to get set in the ways you do business and marketing. Open up new lead generation opportunities online by:

  • Establishing Your Expertise with a Blog – If you’re in the service industry, your biggest asset is your expertise. Show it with blogs, which also improves search engine traffic to your website.
  • Building Out an Online Store – If you sell products, making the buying process as streamlined as possible means more sales. Learn more about the tools you’ll need to make it happen.
  • Rebuilding Your Website Around Your Industry – Better site layout, specific pages, and content written primarily for your industry—it’s time to build out specific industry pages.
  • Offering Mobile & Chat Support – Most traffic to a website today comes from mobile devices. Is yours ready for it? Think about adding assistance tools like chat and chatbot support.

Making a Push on Email & Social Media Marketing

Many businesses have emails they’ve collected from clients, signups, and professional contacts, but they have never put them to use. Many also have accounts on social media platforms that are either gathering dust or on life support. Both can be great marketing tools in active and passive roles. Email marketing can be used to automatically follow up with those who have interacted with your site (bought products, subscribed, etc.) or monthly newsletters for customer retention. Social media can be used to communicate with your audience and also interact with them. Emails and social media also create helpful backlinks to your site to improve your SEO.

Reevaluating Your Online Presence

Rebranding is when many businesses look inward—but you need to explore where your brand is online, what state it’s in, and where it needs to be.

  • Deal with Your Current Online Reputation: What do people say about you online? Find out and manage your online reviews, and solicit current customers to get involved in your ratings.
  • Dust Off Your Online Presence: For most companies, this is the best marketing strategy they aren’t using. Manage your listings, update your profiles, and point everything toward your lead generators.
  • Find Where You Should Be Online: Where does your audience live online? From social media to business listing sites, find where you need to be and establish a presence.

About the enVisioning Success Podcast

This article is based on topics discussed in enVisioning Success, our weekly podcast hosted by Vision CEO Laura DiBenedetto and COO Julia Becker Collins. In it, they discuss all things business and marketing, from lead generation to leadership. Find us on PodBean to download from your platform of choice, or subscribe to our mailing list to get new episodes and other news delivered directly to your inbox.

It takes a lot to rebrand your company, and it’s filled with plenty of mistakes and a lot more work online than many people think. Working with a marketing agency as part of your rebrand is a great investment—not just for a flashy new logo but for reputation management, online business presence, and breaking ground on new online spaces to find your customers. Vision Advertising can help you with everything, from consulting about if now is the right time to rebrand to rolling out your full-fledged marketing plan. Contact us today to start the discussion.

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