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Both our CEO Laura DiBenedetto and COO Julia Becker Collins were invited to speak at the Leaders Communicate Clearly Digital Summit – a series of online webinars equal parts theory and practical teaching from leaders around the globe, released episodically through August and September. Two of the over 21 speakers for the online event, Laura spoke about lifestyle changes and Julia about servant leadership. Learn more about the summit and speakers below, along with how to attend!

Why Attend the Leaders Communicate Clearly Summit?

The Leaders Communicate Clearly summit, hosted by Daniel Kilburn of Emergency Action Planning, is a free series of daily content delivered digitally, all about leadership and communication. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, consultant, or work at (or run) a business of any size, being an effective communicator is a must. Watch the “Leaders Communicate Clearly” summit and learn how to approach communication in multiple ways with our lineup of speakers to find the tools and methods that suit your needs.

Speakers Laura DiBenedetto and Julia Becker Collins

Laura DiBenedetto is a TEDx speaker, bestselling author, success coach, podcaster, educator, and researcher. Founding Vision Advertising when she was 19 years old, she retired from day-to-day operations and remains CEO. The company has been left securely in the hands of Julia Becker Collins, our Chief Operations Officer, who has co-founded a business, has a long history of non-profit work, is a thyroid cancer survivor, and ultra-marathoner.

By signing up for the free digital summit, you’ll have access to both their webinars!

Laura DiBenedetto speaks on the themes from her book, The Six Habits, about looking past the day-to-day grind and hustle mentality and focusing on one of the most difficult issues: communicating with yourself toward a better and more fulfilling life. By communicating with yourself, you can communicative more effectively with your team.

Julia Becker Collins spoke on servant leadership, the strategy of empowering employees by setting them up for success. This isn’t altruism – she does it because it works and retains employees because they are happy and successful.

Further Reading and Education

Want to learn more about Laura and Julia and the topics they cover? Check out some helpful links below:

Remember, this digital summit is only running for a limited time – so make sure to sign up today and grab the videos that most appeal to you, including Laura’s and Julia’s. Grab it all right here.

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