Laura DiBenedetto

Laura DiBenedetto is the founder and CEO of Vision Advertising, a company she founded and ran for 19 years. At the end of 2018, Laura retired from day-to-day operations of the company, which she left in the more-than-capable hands of her business partner Julia Becker Collins and her outstanding staff. In her new advisory role, Laura supports Julia through consulting and management advice. Laura is also the author of a forthcoming book designed to help people overcome restrictive bad habits, so they can finally break-free of what holds them back from the lives they most desire.

Vision Advertising was founded in 1999 in response to the overwhelming marketing needs of business owners that Laura DiBenedetto, founder, saw every day. She saw the need for companies (large and small) to have a partner who could be a trusted resource, who would fulfill promises made, and most importantly, and be invested in their success. Recognizing the incredible opportunities available through internet marketing, she was the among the first to develop a business model around inbound marketing and was the first to leverage social media as a marketing tool to provide commercial opportunity in the greater New England area. She’s always been defined as passionate no matter where you find her: with her company, her team, and her clients, encouraging all to aim high, deliver results, and fulfill dreams.

Laura’s book, identifies and explores six key, self-limiting habits that we all have, to varying degrees. It provides thought-provoking passages that encourage self-reflection and inspire action with powerful new behaviors that readers end up craving. The book offers a vulnerable look at Laura’s own path as a human, a woman, and a young entrepreneur – all designed to help readers see their own humanity and opportunity. Through thoughtful chapters exploring the six concepts and accompanying workbook action items, readers are excited to act immediately and begin their journey with the first chapter. The included workbook gives readers all the tools needed to create new thought patterns and actions immediately, all culminating in an incredibly easy-yet-powerful 90-day habit-building program that makes greatness accessible to anyone.

Laura’s community recognitions include being listed as one of the Top 10 Women in PR, 40 under Forty (at age 23), as well as being cited by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for her accomplishments. She has also received two Torch Awards from the Better Business Bureau for market place ethics. She has enjoyed appearing on Fox News as a featured guest multiple times and has also appeared on Chronicle and other New England regional programming. Laura is a powerful voice and thought leader in the marketing industry of the region and is a sought-after public speaker, speaking at various colleges in the area, including Framingham State, Nichols, and Becker College. She has also been a speaker at various esteemed business groups including the National Restaurant Association, the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and the Center for Women & Enterprise, to name a few. She has also spoken for the Worcester Regional Chamber, BNI, and so on. She has also poured hundreds of hours into training and advising other business owners, because she feels educating people on the importance of media and inbound marketing is critical to success in the continually evolving market landscape.

Empowering people to rise and grow through hard work, education, and opportunity is one of the core values Laura holds. She is passionate about creating jobs, coaching, and helping others, living out her philosophy of “lift as you climb.” She has personally coached several interns from their raw beginnings to the point where they went on to earn impressive positions at other successful companies.

Laura has also been heavily involved in her community from the beginning. Beyond the more than 700 companies she has helped since the start of the business, she has helped hundreds of animals through her volunteer work for the Worcester Animal Rescue League. She has also helped to empower women and has a heart for women’s issues, particularly those who have suffered abuse. Beyond these two causes that are closest to her heart, she has spent significant time working with various other charities, wellness groups, and individuals in need.

On the personal side, Laura is a passionate family person, world traveler/explorer with a deep appreciation for nature and animals. Her creative pursuits include a life-long passion for fine art (having won several awards for her oil paintings), nature photography, culinary arts, and crafting fine French Pastry, and specialty confections.