4 Times You Need a New Website as Your Business Grows

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Businesses alter and grow all the time in response to disruption, change, and evolution. Everything from pivoting to adapt to a post-COVID world to a change of services brought along by new staff or management might mean you need to change how you do business. And when you change how you do business, you may need a new website to reflect that – anywhere from overhauling your current website in a refresh to using a new platform to take advantage of your new services and products.

1. You Want to Sell Your Products Online

One of the biggest expansions a business can do is selling its products and services online. eCommerce refers to the steps taken to go from just generating leads – forms, email, or phone calls to your sales team – to selling your products and services directly and immediately. Having these digital storefronts on your website makes it more convenient for customers to lock in deals instantly and more profitable for you than selling on a third-party site like Amazon or Etsy.

2. Website Content/SEO No Longer Matches Your Business

Whether it’s from natural growth or a sharp pivot during COVID, your services and products, the people you sell to, or how you sell might change – and the content on your website needs to change to match.

  • Written Content: The last thing you want is for people to visit your website only to find what it says not matching your new vision for your site. A content rewrite is in order.
  • Design & Images: If you’re changing who you’re selling to, new graphics may be in order. Images may need to be updated for these new demographics as well as the “look” of your website.
  • SEO: Keywords and Metadata are crucial to your website, both if they turn up in searches and how they turn up in searches (including article populations on social media).

Learn more about overhauling your content in our two-part series: Part 1 and Part 2.

3. Rebranding Your Business

There are several good reasons to rebrand your company (and even more when you shouldn’t), but if you’re taking that step, you need to overhaul your website to match. Everything from your website’s theme to match new logos and company colors to every bit of metadata and image that has your old name. A new you is a great time for a new website, but know that you’ll have to be thorough if you want to remove every trace of your old company.

4. Rebuilding Your Website for Better Online Advertising

Whether you’re looking at Google Ads or social media advertising, you’ll need to adjust your website to make the most of these ads. Industry-specific pages such as landing pages are needed to match ads with action, making sure that customers can quickly take actions, from contacting your sales team for a quote to using that new eCommerce checkout.

Of course, the growth of your website isn’t the only time you might need to rebuild a website. After all, websites have an expiration date, and when yours gets too old, it’ll cease being a tool and become a liability. Here at Vision Advertising, we made a name for ourselves by building the first websites for businesses in New England, and continued by backing those with custom marketing, coaching, and business strategy. Contact us today to get started.

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