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For Alex Geyer, Vision Advertising’s Senior Brand Strategist, providing the best work for his clients and guiding them down the path to success and growth is his ultimate goal. Alex not only provides top-level work for his clients, but he also supports the Vision Advertising staff by creating internal documents and hosting well-informed meetings, so in turn, they can provide great work for their clients. Alex wears many hats here at Vision Advertising, and there is no limit to how far he will go to support his clients and team.

Background Story

Alex applied to work at Vision Advertising all the way from Oregon. After interviewing and securing the position, he packed his bags and bought a one-way ticket to Massachusetts. Quickly, Alex mastered the art of providing great work for his clients. He did this by building trustworthy relationships, putting in long hours to make sure every job gets done, and through great communication with Vice President of Marketing & Operations, Julia Becker Collins and CEO, Laura DiBenedetto. After a few years, in Massachusetts, Alex decided the east coast was not for him. Visiting family in Oregon was tough and Massachusetts winters were even tougher. Because Alex had built a great relationship with his clients and Julia and Laura, he was able to create a system where he could successfully work remotely, in a different time zone, all the way from his desk chair in Oregon. Now, although we miss Alex, we get to see him digitally every day.

Do-er of All Things

The question is not, “what does Alex do at Vision Advertising,” but, “what doesn’t Alex do?” We could have a conversation about what Alex does all day, but here is the short version. Alex creates blogs and website copy for Vision Advertising’s professional services clients, he also specializes in technical writing, SEO, Google AdWords, and much more. Alex thoroughly researches all his client’s specialties and the latest marketing trends so that he is always “in the know,” about what competitors and the industry are discussing. As one of Vision Advertising’s most senior team members, the staff relies on him when they have questions, or needs something reviewed. Alex has also built trustworthy business relationships with his clients and they count on him to execute their marketing plans.


Since Alex has always gone the extra mile for his clients and for the staff, Laura and Julia recently promoted Alex from Internet Marketing Specialist to Senior Brand Strategist. Alex continues to go above and beyond in his new role by fully supporting his clients with marketing strategies and helping them grow their businesses.

The Fun Stuff

Alex likes to spend time with family and friends but also enjoys the thrills of being an introvert. He considers himself a bit of a nerd and we consider him hilarious. He never fails to make the team laugh with his sarcastic personality. His passions are developing and playing video games. Fun fact: he is currently developing a game with a video game studio called Pretty Weird. He also has a weekly pen and paper game sessions with a group of friends at which they play: Dungeons & Dragons, Star Trek, Star Wars, Pathfinder, FATE, World of Darkness, Shadowrun, and countless others.

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