Top Crazy Stock Photos of the Week 2/17

Welcome to week two of our crazy stock photo series! It’s baffling that we come across so many weird, horrific, and hilarious stock photos on a regular basis. Take a look at the ones we got a kick out of this week…

Unhappy child peaking out from beneath a paper shredder.

Someone please explain to me how a small child gets trapped in a paper shredder. And why anyone would take a photograph of it. (I thought maybe it wasn’t actually a shredder and that I was assuming the worst, but then noticed that the photo’s title is “In the Office”.)

Happy child playing with shredded paper coming out of a shredder.

Oh, don’t worry! She’s just having fun. Inside of a paper shredder. Woohoo!

three sexy CG women holding blank billboards

Hey, I give them credit for giving her realistic-looking thighs.

Four women with shopping bags on obviously photoshopped background.

And so the case of terrible Photoshop begins. I can only imagine the thought process, “These girls need to look like they’re shopping in a mall, but we don’t actually have a real mall. So why don’t we take a really close up photo of school or hospital and put it behind them instead. Yeah, that will look perfect.” May I add that the title of this stock photo is “Four Happy Women With Shopping Bags Isolated on White”? Clearly someone threw in that background at the last second before the quality-control person could see.

Young woman looking at a taco served on a plate

Looking at this photo, you may at first wonder what this taco salad ever did to her. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the model must have had something really wrong with her face, so they found an ALMOST exact replica of a head to paste on.

Creepy slippers of human heads with feet going in mouths.

Taking “foot in mouth” all too seriously. The longer you stare the creepier it becomes.

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About the author : Laura DiBenedetto