Top Crazy Stock Photos of the Week

Stock photos have a notorious reputation for being odd, over-the-top, and just plain bad. Since finding the passable ones has become a part of my job, I thought I would share the most entertaining finds with the world.

Introducing Vision Advertising’s new segment, the best of the worst stock photos of the week, by Acacia.

Figurine fisherman fishing in a soup mug.

I think the worst part about this photo of a tiny man fishing in a cup of chowder is that I just really needed to find a photo of queso and there was THIS, but exactly 0 photos of the cheese dip. What is this world of stock photography coming to?

Mexican tacos with small blog of raw meat with garnish.

WHAT is that? At first, I was casually looking at a nice photo of Mexican food, but then a crazy pig fetus with some unknown leaf sprig just popped into the foreground.

Mexican tacos with small blog of raw meat with garnish.

Here it is again FROM DIFFERENT ANGLES. Those stock photo photographers apparently thought this was a something so spectacular it needed to be offered at different angles. Watch out runway, baby elephant fetus is this season’s latest trend.

Messy cup of Nachos Cheese and Tortilla Chips.

The redeeming thing about many stock photos is that the quality of the photo tends to be excellent, despite the oddness of what they’re depicting. But then every once in a while, someone forgets how to use a camera, and you get one that looks like something from Martha Stewart’s Twitter feed.

Closeup of eyes with bad drawn-on eyebrows
When I saw this one, I paused to think, “maybe they’re trying to give people a good example of what bad eyebrows looked like.” But then I read the photo’s title:¬†Close Up Of Beautiful Eyes With Makeup. For sure. I also find drawing on fake eyebrows without remembering to pluck your unibrow hairs especially beautiful.

Happy european family holding money and yellow piggy bank.

Apparently, really useless stock photos have the models laughing all the way to the bank. (Except not really, because the famed woman on the site didn’t even get paid.)

Smiling female Proctologist with surprised male patient pulls on latex glove.


Check back next week to see the next batch of crazy things I find!

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