The Benefits of a Mobile Website

If you are a business owner, and you already have a website, congratulations. You are already a step ahead of some business owners marketing in the 21st century. A business owner without a website these days is like a fish without water.

Man looking at mobile site on smart phone.Now the second question is, is your website mobile responsive? That is, do you have a website customized for use on mobile phones? If the answer is no, then you should consider getting one immediately. Mobile web surfing is on a steep incline, and your business is missing out on a large group of potential customers without a mobile responsive website.

In fact, mobile web adoption is growing 8 times faster than web adoption did in the 90s and early 2000s, cites a study by Nielson. 15% of all internet surfing worldwide is conducted on a smartphone. Depending on your target audience, this means that you can lose around 15% of your potential clients if your website is inaccessible or difficult to navigate on mobile. This is a big loss compared to the inexpensive rate for a mobile website.

If you are still of the mindset that flash sites are fun and visually pleasing, then it’s time to think again. A vast majority of smartphones can’t use flash, and therefore, mobile users will not even have access your website. Not being able to access a brand’s website can be frustrating and off-putting for consumers.

A mobile responsive website is more than simply one’s website used on a mobile phone. Mobile responsive sites react to the size of any device that is viewing the website so that it is always shown in optimal view. With a mobile website, viewers no longer have to worry about zooming in to read the website text or struggling with clicking the navigation bar. A mobile website doesn’t need to be an exact replica of the regular website—in fact, most mobile sites will simply offer the user a few key navigation buttons to help users find the basic information that they need. It’s more likely that someone that is viewing your site on a mobile phone is on-the-go, so it is more likely that they are simply searching for your business’s location or phone number.

It is imperative that your website is mobile responsive, now that more than half of Americans own a smartphone. Fortunately, many mobile responsive websites are inexpensive, especially in comparison to the price of a regular website.

If you are interested a mobile responsive version of your website or would like to learn more about the best internet marketing tactics for your small business, please contact the internet marketing gurus at Vision Advertising. We are happy to customize a marketing package to your small business so that we can maximize your marketing budget in way that will be most beneficial to you.

Can you recall a time when you tried to access a website on your mobile phone, but had difficulty with it? What did you do?

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