How Google Hummingbird Affects Your Internet Presence

If you haven’t yet heard about Google’s latest algorithm update, Google Hummingbird, then you will probably need to change the face of your SEO marketing plan once you’ve read this article.

What is Google Hummingbird?

Google hummingbird is an adaptive search algorium.With the rising popularity of mobile search, Google is adapting their latest algorithm to the real way that people search. Voice search on mobile is on the rise, which lends to more complete sentences used in search engines. Instead of searching “internet marketing Worcester” as one has been trained to do when typing on a keyboard, it has become more common for people to speak in complete sentences in voice search, using phrases such as “where can I find an internet marketing company in Worcester.” In turn, Google Hummingbird focuses on more personalized results that understand conversational search terms. Therefore, the popularity and relevancy of an article will cause it to rank higher, rather than the number of times a specific phrase is used.

How to Use Google Hummingbird To Your Advantage

Now, the best way to ensure that your site ranks on search engines is to produce valuable information. A focus on unique content that presents information in a new way is vital. Becoming the authority on a specific niche is going to help your site’s ranking much better than attempting to compete with bigger sites for frequently searched keywords. Link building is also even more relevant with these changes, as it signifies to Google the quality of your content.

Keywords aren’t disappearing altogether, however. Language is still important to help signify the contents of your article to Google. But the days of repeating the same keyword over twenty times in your article is long gone. While key content has been important all along, it is now vital for marketers to shift their entire focus onto creating new, engaging content to market to search engines. Plus, there is now this difficult dichotomy to overcome when it comes to the length of articles. While mobile users tend to read much shorter pieces, longer articles have always been more attractive to search engines. Informative lead-ins will help solve this dilemma.

Due to Hummingbird’s shift in focus to mobile marketing, sites without a mobile responsive site will now be at a disadvantage in the rankings. This is just another reason, along with the many others, that everyone should ensure that they have a mobile responsive website for their business.

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Now that you know more about how Google Hummingbird works, are there changes that you will make to your marketing strategies?

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