Order Holiday Cards in October – Trust Me.

Blank folded flyer, booklet, postcard, business card or brochure
Blank folded flyer, booklet, postcard, business card or brochure

Between picking out what you like, finding the money and placing the order, it can take only an hour. When that hour occurs though, that’s the hard part. You’re busy!! However, if you wait until past November 6th to place your order, you won’t be sending out your cards in time for your clients to get them by the 2nd week of December, and…

Holiday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter, Generic, Thanksgiving, New Year – and anything. You can order it, and order it now (by clicking here, actually).

Now here’s a few ideas for you…

  • Be different – don’t get the same ol’ Christmas card – get something FUN and don’t be afraid to get outside the box a little and inject humor into what you’re doing! It goes a long way.
  • Why send a holiday card when you can send a New Year card, or a Thanksgiving card? Neither is religious and would help to set you apart
  • What about an “Anyday” card? They’re great year-round and can help to make your clients feel appreciated more than just at the end of the year.
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