Four Ways to Use Twitter for Effective Brand Outreach

When you have only 140 characters to convey your brand message, you must strategize carefully and write forcefully and consistently.

4-ways-to-use-TwitterThat advice which I recently posted on Twitter (‘Tweeted’), friends, is 134 characters. After you read this blog post, you’ll understand that when it comes to Twitter, the quotation attributed to Mark Twain, “I would have written less if I had more time” is especially apt.

With this blog, you’ll get a few strategies you can use Twitter as part of your brand outreach and marketing efforts. But first (for those who have just returned to Earth), a quick Twitter primer:

Twitter is a microblogging platform which lets you publish messages of less than 140 characters via mediums like IM, cell phones & the web. (138 characters)

Twitter has a social element: Users can “follow” each other’s messages. It is a publishing tool that can be either public and/or private. (137 characters)

Like Second Life years ago, many businesses are embracing Twitter for brand promotion and marketing without a clear strategy and plan. (135 characters)

You see, when you start counting characters in your messaging, you begin to understand the preciousness of each character. Instead of just spewing out random Tweets, you can use Twitter as a social media vehicle to push out messages that capitalize on the attention you’re receiving from other users.

Start simple with Twitter. Try these four easy steps:

  1. Use Twitter to find potential customers or clients online. Search for keywords related to your product on Twitter Search and then follow users. Tweet only about topics related to your product. Use direct messages or offline communications to direct prospects away from public channels.
  2. Tweet your customers when you have new product announcements or news. Invite customers to subscribe via mobile or RSS for instant notification. You can also use Twitter to provide mini-updates for an exclusive group of one-on-one customers you designate and select.
  3. Tweet your followers about upcoming events: Tweet participants with the latest event news (Tweet them first, to instill a feeling of exclusivity). It’s a hassle-free way to disseminate information, especially when you can’t establish a direct mobile link between you and your target audience.
  4. Tweet a link to stories/articles you’ve submitted in other social news sites like Digg. By encouraging your followers to vote up the stories because they agree with them, you can get more support for your efforts across all your social media campaigns.

Twitter neophytes would have you believe that you need a lot of followers to be successful on Twitter. On the contrary: By conceiving, implementing and sticking to a carefully planned and thoughtfully crafted Twitter campaign, you’ll increase your follower base and use Twitter effectively as a tool in your social media brand outreach efforts.

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Guest Blog by Bruce Mendelsohn, of The Hired Pen. Bruce is a colleague and friend and we value his input. Thanks Bruce!

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