What is E-Marketing?

handshake from computer, business partnershipThe search engines’ “rules” change constantly. Working with us, you are in good, knowledgeable hands. We stay current with all the trends, available algorithmic information, and updates so our clients get the best possible ranking and keep it.

Email marketing and newsletters are one of the best ways to keep in touch with and stay in front of your clients and prospects, and for a typically low cost. As your internet marketing partner, we provide you with the necessary tools and information you’ll need to set up, manage, or supervise your campaign, including anti-spam law compliance tools.

TIP: Linking is a great way to boost ranking and traffic. If appropriate for your business, create an affiliations/link page that showcases other related businesses, describing and showing them off generously. Then, approach those you’ve linked to and ask for a reciprocal link to your site, describing you with the pre-written copy you’ve provided.

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