Reactive Reputation Marketing (Responding to Current Reviews)

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Reactive Reputation Marketing
(Responding to Current Reviews)

[/blox_text][blox_divider type=”space” space=”60″ fullwidth=”0″/][/blox_column][/blox_row][blox_row columns=”1/1″][blox_column width=”1/1″][blox_text title=”Handling Reviews” animation=”none”]There is an art and science to marketing, as we’re famous for saying.  It’s true, and especially when it comes to responding to customer feedback.  You may not always like what people say about you, but you also may be over the moon for the feedback you get.  In either circumstance, you owe it to the people that take the time to write about your business to respond to their feedback. But how?[/blox_text][blox_text title=”Responding to Positive Reviews” animation=”none”]

Responding to positive and negative reviews alike can help your business grow and thriveWhen receiving positive reviews, the default response for most business owners is to silently appreciate the reviews, and not respond.  Business owners are busy people, after all.  However, a response is warranted, and there is a specific approach that’s needed each time in responding to positive reviews.  We can help you to craft the perfect response each time and help strengthen that bond between you and your customers and encourage them to tell even more people (their friends!).  Oftentimes, when business owners respond, they don’t do it right, and can risk alienating a huge fan by responding wrong.  There truly is an art to this, and we can help you.

[/blox_text][blox_text title=”Responding to Negative Reviews” animation=”none”]When responding to negative reviews, there is no default response.  We’ve seen people respond, not respond, get upset, and also handle things gracefully. However, the best response is the one where you create the chance to repair the relationship and get the reviewer to amend the review.  To achieve this outcome requires surgical precision in the approach, and this is where we come in.  We expertly assist in the navigation of the situation so you and the customer are truly happy.[/blox_text][blox_text title=”Regular Management” animation=”none”]

Our service provides regular ongoing management to scan for new reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google+, Angie’s List and more.  Our responsibility is to strategically respond to each new review that comes in, and help to shape your reputation over the long term into the best possible. Doing this requires time, patience, and objectivity – which many business owners find themselves missing, as much as they wish they weren’t.

Let us manage your reviews and your reputation, and rest easy knowing your reputation is safe and on its way to improving.

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When your reputation is on the line, we’ve got your back

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