Business Development Manager

If you’re looking for a chance to change your future and be part of a company that respects you, trusts you, and lets you shine, you’ve come to the right place. Vision Advertising is on the hunt for an independent business development manager. We’re eager to welcome a very hungry and ambitious business development manager to our team and co-create something that is exciting and ripe with opportunity for ALL of us.

While the company is based in Massachusetts, you can be based anywhere in the continental United States, working from home, and choosing your own hours. We have a strong culture around trusting our team to do what they’re hired to do and do it well.  We have a strong disinclination toward micromanagement, and we want no part of it. This is a dream opportunity for someone who loves to be paid based on their performance because they know they’ll outperform expectations every time and is very hungry for success. We compensate generously and encourage time off to rest, recharge, and sustain peak performance for the long term.  Anything is possible for the right person who is willing to demonstrate their capabilities.


  • Commission during 90-day probation period
  • Salary + commission after probation period. Salary is fully negotiable once we all have a sense of your capabilities.  For the right person, this is your golden opportunity to command the high salary you know you deserve!
  • Unlimited paid time off after probation period
  • Anything is possible for the right person – we want you to be happy and fulfilled!


  • Prospecting
  • Qualifying
  • Proposing
  • Closing
  • Onboarding Support

Our typical sales cycles can last anywhere from one to two meetings to around five. We sell marketing services to professional service companies. Some of our best clients have businesses that most folks don’t think about every day. We support insurance agencies, injection molders, hazardous waste disposal companies, grease trap recyclers, and other companies of that nature.  We love working with these companies, and they love working with us. We make a difference because we are incredible at our jobs, and we are perfectly suited to help these professional services companies.

Your job is to seek out companies just like the ones described above to add to our portfolio. You will find them, initiate the conversation, work with them to determine what the actual challenges are, and whether or not we are a fit for their needs.  You’ll help them to buy the correct solution to their marketing and sales challenges. In the onboarding process, you will make sure that there is no stone left unturned and that the client fully understands everything that is happening and the agency is able to deliver on every promise made. Integrity is our most principle core value, and we want to welcome our clients for decades. These long-term relationships begin with you and selling correctly the first time.  As a high integrity sales organization, we insist on always doing the right thing by our clients, and our perfect fit insists on this, too. If integrity matters to you, and you’ve ever had the inkling that maybe sales could be filled with a lot more integrity alongside maximum results that truly make a difference in our clients’ businesses (and lives!), you are absolutely in the right place.

We fully expect you to utilize tools like Zoom, conference calls, and other modern technologies that help you sell. However, if you are comfortable being in person with people and you prefer a warm handshake in selling face to face, we celebrate and support that as well. Whatever it takes to get the job done well!


  • High Integrity
  • Clear Communication
  • Bravery
  • 10x Thinking
  • Quality Commitment
  • Tenacity
  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving Dedication
  • Sales Experience

While a degree is great, it’s not required for this role.  Do you embody most of these qualities? Do you embody some of these? How about all? Starting with tenacity, show us what you’re made of. Please reach out any way you like (or fill out the form below) and start a conversation with us that shows us exactly how you intend to crush your goals. The bolder you are, the more we’ll notice!  Make us know who you are and show us what you’re made of.

Talk to you soon.